Introducing PIP Sunny and PIP Purple

The PIP family will be extended with 2 beautiful colour variations in week 42. The first, PIP Sunny, has darkish yellow flowers with red striped petals. A disbudded chrysanthem that really stands out because of its distinguishing contrast. Voort Chrysanten will supply this chrysanthemum. PIP Sunny has similar characteristics when it comes to vase life and transport qualities as the other PIP varieties.

PIP Purple
The second new addition to the PIP series is PIP Purple. This new disbudded chrysanthemum has an intense purple colour, but lacks the stripes on its petals. PIP Purple also has all quality characteristics of the PIP series, including a good weight. PIP Purple will also be supplied by Voort Chrysanten.

Next to PIP, PIP Pretty and PIP Salmon that have already gained a good market position, from week 42 PIP will also be present in the yellow and purple chrysanthemum assortment. Both varieties will be supplied on water with a recognisable sleeve.