Flowertrails 2011

Flowertrails 2011

During the official FlowerTrials 2011, Beekenkamp Plants opened its doors to visitors and this enabled them to visit a flower trial at Deliflor Chrysanthemums as well. Visitors from both home and abroad complimented Deliflor on its splendid presentation and on the large diversity in promising varieties.

International character
Around 400 visitors from 22 countries visited the flower trial at Deliflor Chrysanthemums during the FlowerTrials that took place from 14 - 17 June 2011.
In addition to existing varieties, the trial mainly included varieties of both spray and disbudded chrysanthemums and Santinis that are as yet to be introduced.
The new varieties were tested extensively on their qualities in different regions of the world. This enabled business relations from various countries to find the most interesting future varieties for their specific purpose.

Something for everyone
Things that attracted attention were the huge diversity and the availability of good varieties in almost every colour and shape under the sun and for every possible segment.
Deep purple decorative Barca and the very unusual shade of Zembla Brasil for example, attracted a lot of attention. Both are available as a spray and as a disbudded chrysanthemum.
As far as spray chrysanthemums are concerned, the various colours of decorative spray chrysanthemum Dante made quite an impression.
Under the disbudded chrysanthemums, orange dome shaped Paladov and the Anastasia Star series caught many people's eye.
The latter particularly because of its distinct colour, flower size and very good vase life.

New opportunities in Santinis
In the Santini assortment, Deliflor showed a line of single flowered varieties that, as far as reaction time is concerned, can compete with the fastest varieties available on the market. These new varieties also stand out because of their vigorousness and longitudinal growth. Visitors remarked that these varieties are clearly a positive addition to the assortment.

We can look back on a very successful and pleasant international week.