Introduction Galatica Yellow

On Wendesday 29th of June Galactica Yellow will be introduced on the auctions Flora Holland Aalsmeer and Flora Holland Naaldwijk. Galactica Yellow is a disbudded chrysanthemum that has beautiful large flowers.
Additionally, Galactica Yellow has a bright green centre which makes her a very noticeable product.
On the vase, Galactica Yellow will surprise you since her flowers get even larger.
At the same time, KZ Flowers will reintroduce the disbudded chrysanthemum Galactica. The combination of the white flowers and the bright green center will give this disbudded chrysanthemum a very fresh look.
KZ Flowers stands for high quality products and that is why Galactica and Galactica Yellow will be supplied in paper bags around the flowers. This will keep the flowers well protected and make Galactica and Galactica Yellow an ideal product to ship.

  • Grower: KZ Flowers
  • Auction:FH Naaldwijk and FH Aalsmeer
  • Supply:Galactica Yellow: 12.000 stems a week, Galactica: 25.000 stems a week
  • VBN Code:Galactica Yellow: 110016 Galactica: 107749


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