Introductie Anastasia Star Mint

After the successful introduction of Anastasia Star Pink, a new variety of the Anastasia Star Line has been developed: Anastasia Star Mint. Anastasia Star Mint will be introduced on Monday the 4th of July by Arcadia Chrysanten. This disbudded chrysanthemum has light green flowers and has bright green tips on its petals, just like the Anastasia Star Pink. The combination of the light green petals and the bright tips make Anastasia Star Mint a unique flower that will catch every customers eye.

Anastasia Star Mint will be supplied in container boxes and in the usual chrysanthemum boxes. During the first 20 weeks, the water buckets will have a specially developed full color packaging. In three easy steps, this packaging can be transformed into a pretty shop display. The packaging is free and can only be used once. Besides the packaging it is also possible to buy Anastasia Star Mint in the chrysanthemum boxes. During the buying process, the picture and the barrel code will show you whether you are purchasing the container or the boxes.

Arcadia Chrysanten will introduce the Anastasia Star Mint with 10.000 stems a week

  • Supplier: Arcadia Chrysanten
  • Auction: Flora Holland Naaldwijk
  • Supply: around 10.000 stems a week
  • VBN  Code:110017


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