Delishow 2019


Once again and as every year, in the last week of August we celebrate our Delishow. A commercial sample with more than 270 varieties of Chrysanthemums attended by more than 400 people from 10 countries.

This year's theme was “DeliCircus”, so we set our greenhouse with Clowns, Magic, Juggling, Wild Animals, etc., all surrounded by exquisite floral designs giving the visitors an idea of the wonders that can be created from the most versatile flower that exists.

Our guests and friends had the opportunity to appreciate our new introductions such as Alma Pink, Tanana, Bernal, Rossano Elizabeth, Vibe, Shortcake, Pascua -To name some- and also varieties already known and positioned in the market: Alma, Balticas, Zemblas, Anastasias, Magnums.

The visitors were very pleased with the trials, so much so that after the guided tour, many remained in the greenhouse taking photos to preserve the memory.

The varieties that most captivated the attention of the visitors were: Alma, Magnum, Empress, Gaviria, Picara, Holland ... among others.

We thank everyone for this massive response and hope to meet again next year with a show equal to, or better than the one we had this year.



Delishow LatinAmerica 2019