Online show Chrysanthemum Day was a party!

The online show Deliflor has organised together with Flower Circus to celebrate has turned into a nice, worldwide party. Floral Arranger Geertje Stienstra made several different astonishing chrysanthemum arrangements. “The chrysanthemum has so many different varieties, that vary in colour, shape and size, it’s really is a joy to work with’, says Geertje. “and above all it is a strong flower you can anjoy for a long period of time’

The online show was hosted by Flower Circus in its own recognizable way, that made it feel like a real party. Also the different congratulations from all over the world made it a global celebration. Deliflor colleaugues from China, Japan, Colombia, Ethiopia and Uganda had send contributions to the show, some funny, some a little bit more serious, to colour the show. Also the viewers were from all over the world. Due to the Covid19 travel restrictions and the absence of exhibitions, Deliflor is convinced that online shows like yesterdays’ is a very good possibility to inspire florists and others in these challenging times.

For everyone who missed out on the live show, it is possible to view it here:

There is also a magnificent lookbook of all made arrangements, including all used chysanthemum varieties. We will be delighted you this digital lookbook.