Deliflor opts for hybrid lighting!

With a view to the new lighting season, a future-oriented lighting plan and installation has been designed for Deliflor Chrysanthemums for its 13,000 m2 breeding greenhouse, in consultation with installation partner Enthoven and light suppliers Philips and Agrolux. New varieties of chrysanthemums are grown and tested here for their cultivation qualities.

With the development of varieties with increasingly shorter crop cycles and higher light intensities at our customers’ locations, Deliflor has decided to invest in a hybrid installation of LED and HPS lighting. LED lighting radiates less heat, so the greenhouse temperature stays lower. The lower temperature is desirable for cultivation, especially with the need to close the screens more because of light emissions, among other things. In addition, the LED luminaire has a higher light output and a lower energy consumption. That means more light for less energy. 

LED light in combination with the ALF1000 assimilation lighting gives Deliflor the best growth conditions for chrysanthemum cultivation. The newest Philips LED luminaire - which has an energy consumption of only 520 Watts - is much more efficient than the previous 620-Watt version, while maintaining the same output. With this installation, Deliflor is all set for the future!