NEWTON, fresh white pompon

Newton has already been on the market since 2021. Now the supply of this stunning white pompon will increase immensely. As of week 32 25.000 stems of Newton will be available and in the end Zentoo will increase numbers up to 50.000 stems per week.

The spray chrysanthemum NEWTON has lots of flowers on one stem and is a variety with a lot of potential. Not only can it be used in mixed or mono bouquets, its strong stems make it very useful in floral foam shapes and arrangements. Keep your eyes open for this white and fresh novelty.

  • Grower: Zentoo
  • Amounts: 25.000 stems per week, increasing to 50.000 stems per week
  • VBN-code: 126718

Download pictures of Newton or check this novelty out in 3D.