New! Santini TURTLE, fresh green simplicity


Spring is just around the corner. And it will be a spring filled with colours. Bright colours as well as pastel colours. The new lime green santini TURTLE blends in so easily. This daisy santini has a unique and fresh appearance. Read more

Close-up Turtle.jpg

Baykal now also available in cream: BAYKAL LUNAR


Baykal, the santini with the filled flower is unique in this segment. This magnificent filler of every bouquet will from now on not only be available in fresh white but also in cream. This soft cream colour of BAYKAL LUNAR suits Read more

_L2A5442 - Bloemstuk Baykal Lunar.jpg

New! BABETTE, romance in the santini segment


With a wink to a romantic spring ahead of us, Deliflor introduces the lovely, peach coloured santini BABETTE. The beautiful soft salmon colour makes BABETTE a perfect addition to a romantic spring bouquet or a beautiful wedding Read more

_L2A5416 - Close-up Babette.jpg

Deliflor is present at MyPlant & Garden fair in Italy


The My Plant & Garden will take place from 22-24 February in Milan, Italy. Deliflor will be present with a booth. Please visit us and discover all of our new varieties.

BANNER 300x250px_EN _B.jpg

Yin Yang® Purple: purple novelty in santini

Delishow 2023: Hotel Delifornia

Deliflor at TradeFair 2022

Deliflor meets English florists at FleurEx 2022

NEW: Deep purple Serenity Purple

Deliflor celebrates Chrysanthemum Day 2022 with an online demo by flower arranger Stefan van Berlo

9 September: Chrysanthemum Day

Erik Leeuwaarden Financial Director a.i. Beekenkamp Group

NEWTON, fresh white pompon

Deliflor celebrates 'Summer of Love' in week 24 during the flower trial

Celebrate summer with BABE!


20-12-2022 | Merry Christmas and a bright 2023!


Merry Christmas and a bright 2023!

10-3-2022 | New member of the PIP family: PIP SUNSET


The family of PIP chrysanthemums is being extended with a beautiful new colour: PIP SUNSET! A fresh yellow/orange colour with a contrasting red centre. A flower with a very distinctive appearance. The PIP family has proven to be a high quality flower that has a long...

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25-1-2022 | Santini SMERALDO: King of gem stones


‘King of gem stones’. That’s how Emerald or Smeraldo is described. A description that suits the new dark green pompon santini Smeraldo very well. This new jewel by Deliflor has it all to take on the role of king in the green santini segment. The dark...

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24-1-2022 | Flower Trial in Holland shows many novelties for the future

Deliflor Delicatessen jan-2022 Flower Circus (37).jpeg

Last week Deliflor held its annual flower trial. Dutch customers were able to visit us by appointment. We have received a lot of enthusiastic responses to all new numbers and varieties we have shown. To inspire all visitors we made a Deli FlorStore where we displayed...

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24-1-2022 | Webinar on February 1 about special Collaboration on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Chrysanthemum Sector

Integrated Pest Management in Africa (2).jpg

  On February 1 a webinar will be organized by six major propagators in the chrysanthemum sector to inform interested parties about the unique collaboration on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Information will be shared about the way these six propagators...

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21-1-2022 | Baltica, top chrysanthemum of Deliflor in the white segment, moves within VannoVa!


The spray chrysanthemum Baltica of breeder Deliflor Chrysanten, has been the variety with the highest market share in the spray segment for over 13 years now. This variety will switch places within VannoVa, a growers collective. Grower R&A van Kester has been...

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11-1-2022 | New: santini PIXEL® AMOR


Love is in the air! Pixel® Amor is the name of the newest santini variety of Deliflor. This pink santini with an abundance of flowers is a novelty to really fall in love with. This pink variety is an extension of the Pixel® family. In June 2020 Deliflor...

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7-1-2022 | Special Collaboration on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Chrysanthemum Sector

Integrated Pest Management in Africa (1).jpg

Six major propagators in the chrysanthemum sector have joined forces to further reduce the use of chemicals in the production of cuttings in Africa. Since 2017, the unique group of companies comprising Dekker Chrysanten, Deliflor Chrysanten, Dümmen Orange,...

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16-12-2021 | Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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3-11-2021 | COUTURE, a chic eyecatcher!

_L2A9946 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Couture.jpg

A chrysanthemum with a chic appearance, meet Couture. Inspired by ‘haute couture’, high-end fashion design. A segment in which Couture, the dark pink chrysanthemums feels at home. A real eyecatcher with a unique colour that is not easy to describe. The...

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14-10-2021 | Disbud CUSCINO, special chrysanthemum in a unique colour

_L2A9722 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Cuscino.jpg

Looking for a chrysanthemum in a colour trend? Then the salmon chrysanthemum Cuscino is an excellent choice. This Deliflor novelty will be introduced to the market by Zentoo as of 19 October in exclusive amounts. Cuscino almost looks like a Dahlia and the large...

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14-10-2021 | The Beekenkamp Group celebrates 70th anniversary


Proud! That is the feeling that prevails when looking back on the past 70 years, where Mr G. Beekenkamp started his own modest company in 1951, it has grown into a large and innovative family business that supplies all over the world.   Besides vegetable plants...

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4-10-2021 | Disbudded chrysanthemum ALEMANI: welcome addition to the green segment

_L2A9264 - 3379-08-21 - DEL - 018.jpg

‘The new green in your urban jungle’   Deliflor together with Zentoo introduce a beautiful green disbudded pompon called Alemani! The dark green colour of this new disbud really stands out. A new standard in green that fits the ongoing trend of green...

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30-9-2021 | Disbudded chrysanthemum POKER, the purple diamond


A deep purple, strong pompon, that’s the new disbud Poker by Deliflor. The warm colour of Poker will certainly be appreciated the coming fall/winter period. Poker has a firm flower and strong branches. A jewel that has a lot of potential to increase in...

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20-9-2021 | Spray Chrysanthemum MEXICANO, a new hot red novelty!


The season for red flowers has started! And do we have a hot new red variety! It is called Mexicano. A dark red spray chrysanthemum with an excellent vase life, strong stems and heavy weight. The intense red colour of Mexicano is really striking and eminently suitable...

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15-9-2021 | Cipria Salmon: desired colour of this new spider


The disbudded spider chrysanthemum variety Cipria is now being extended with a new colour: the salmon/orange Cipria Salmon. Zentoo will supply Cipria Salmon as of Friday 17 September, additional to the pink Cipria. A marvelous colour that suits each bouquet, whether it...

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6-9-2021 | Online Chrysanthemum Show with MasterFlorist Max Hurtaud

Max Hurtaud-Chrysanthemum Day 2021 sq.jpg

9 september is Chrysanthemum Day 2021! We will celebrate this unique day for chrysanthemums with an online flower show in cooperation with Flower Circus and Master Florist Max Hurtaud. We will go live on Facebook at 15:00 CET. Check our facebook event for more...

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2-9-2021 | NEW! Pink spray chrysanthemum Larsson

_L2A3338 - Close-up Larsson.jpg

In week 36 Deliflor introduces the new spray chrysanthemum Larsson together with grower Linflowers. A new variety that has already received so much positive feedback of growers and traders. Larsson is a lovely pink chrysanthemum with a fresh green centre that...

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23-8-2021 | New Serenity variety

_L2A3404 - Close-up Serenity Red.jpg

The Serenity family is being extended by a new colour variation: Serenity Red. A spray chrysanthemum with a dark red colour. A magnificent colour to use in the upcoming autumn and winter. Serenity Red has equal outstanding characteristics as the other Serenity...

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11-8-2021 | Jamey Dark, also a new santini by Deliflor

_L2A5068 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Jamey Dark.jpg

The second novelty that Deliflor and Zentoo introduce in week 32 is Jamey Dark. A dark pink pompon santini. Jamey Dark is known for its heavy, strong stems, multiple flowers on one stem and fresh green leaves. The dark pink colour of Jamay Dark is a welcome addition to...

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9-8-2021 | Introducing santini Pitaja

_L2A0016 - CLose-up Pitaja.jpg

Deliflor Chrysanten introduces 2 new santini’s together with Zentoo in week 32. The first one is the beautiful purple santini Pitaja. The bright purple colour of Pitaja makes it into a real eye-catching flower. Pitaja is rock solid when it comes to keeping the intense...

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21-6-2021 | Highlights Delishow 2021


We have welcomed a lot of customers and traders during our flower trial 'Delishow' last week. Also the first foreign customers were able to visit us again; we are grateful we could show them around our flower trial in person again. There were a lot of novelties and...

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17-6-2021 | Thursd Online Trade Fair

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor feature.jpg

From 17 until 23 June Deliflor is present at the Online Trade Fair of Thursd. At this international platform for Floriculture we present our most recent novelties. Stresa Salmon, Abbey Cream, Cipria and Maradona can be admired, through amazing pictures and also up...

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1-6-2021 | Delishow week 24 live and online


In week 24 we normally welcome our foreign customers and relations at our Delishow in Maasdijk to show all of our new varieties and breeding results at our Flower Trial. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions it is still not possible to welcome you all. For those who...

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29-4-2021 | Cipria, the new pink spider chrysanthemum

Cipria-Zentoo (3).jpg

In week 18 Deliflor and Zentoo introduce a beautiful new pink spider chrysanthemum:  Cipria. The light pink powder tint is the perfect colour for spring. How about a bridal bouquet with this elegant pink Cipria? The firm, thicker petals and the large flower make...

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22-4-2021 | NEW! Santini Maradona

_L2A2988 - Close-up Maradona.jpg

Deliflor introduces a remarkable new santini: Maradona. A name that needs no explanation. The little man with the iconic stardom, who unfortunately passed away last year. An honourable name for this new white santini by Deliflor. Maradona is a spider santini that...

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14-4-2021 | NEW! Stresa Salmon

_L2A5051 - Close-up Stresa Salmon.jpg

Spring is the ultimate season for using soft, pastel coloured flowers. We present to you the new spray chrysanthemum Stresa Salmon! This beautiful salmon anemone variety has a dark centre, which empowers the flower as well. Stresa is already a well known Deliflor...

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1-4-2021 | Larky and Abbey Cream; first in a range of novelties!


Just after Easter, Deliflor and Zentoo introduce 2 gorgeous novelties on the market: the purple santini Larky and the cream spray chrysanthemums Abbey Cream. Larky is a cheerful purple pompon santini. Larky means joy and happiness, something we need so desperately in...

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21-12-2020 | Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

2856.10.20-DEL-Kerstkaart-Digitaal-WEB kl.png

Although this year's holiday season will no doubt be different than previous ones, we wish you all happy holidays. We hope that 2021 will hold more reasons for hope and optimism for everyone. Let's start the new year with a positive attitude. Stay healthy, have a...

5-11-2020 | NEW!! Baltazar Flame

_L2A2627 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Baltazar Flame.jpg

Baltazar and Baltazar Intense are Deliflor varieties that are widely appreciated by florists because of their unique appearance and colour. A new variety will be added to this serie: the just as striking Baltazar Flame. A flamed variety with green edges of the petals,...

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9-10-2020 | Deliflor opts for hybrid lighting!

LED in breeding Deliflor (2).JPG

With a view to the new lighting season, a future-oriented lighting plan and installation has been designed for Deliflor Chrysanthemums for its 13,000 m2 breeding greenhouse, in consultation with installation partner Enthoven and light suppliers Philips and Agrolux. New...

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28-9-2020 | Rossano Lime newest extension of the Rossano family

IMG_0007 - Rossano Lime Bloemstuk 1a.jpg

Disbudded chrysanthemum Rossano already has many colour variations. This well-known family of strong flowers will now be extended with a new colour: Rossano Lime. A white decorative flower with beautiful green edges on the petals, similar to pink Rossano Charlotte...

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10-9-2020 | Online show Chrysanthemum Day was a party!

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-09 at 15.59.47.jpeg

The online show Deliflor has organised together with Flower Circus to celebrate has turned into a nice, worldwide party. Floral Arranger Geertje Stienstra made several different astonishing chrysanthemum arrangements. “The chrysanthemum has so many different...

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3-9-2020 | Introducing orange spray chrysanthemum Midnightsun


The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, when the sun remains visible at the local midnight. The magnificent orange glow that...

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3-9-2020 | Deliflor Chrysanten & Flower Circus celebrate Chrysanthemum Day

chrysanthemum day Insta 2020.jpg

September 9 is Chrysanthemum Day. Deliflor uses this special chrysanthemum day to organize an online show and demonstrate which beautiful arrangements can be made with this versatile flower. In collaboration with Flower Circus and floral designer Geertje...

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18-8-2020 | Deligreen, THE new green pompon by Deliflor


Deligreen, the eagerly awaited new green pompon by Deliflor, will be available as of August 21 (week 34). With its deep green colour, strong leave quality, good transportation qualities and excellent vase life, this novelty meets all requirements. Deligreen has it...

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27-7-2020 | Baykal, new white Santini

_L2A9618 - Close-up Baykal.jpg

Lake Baikal in southern Siberia is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing 22% of the world's fresh surface water. The lake was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. This unique place has inspired us...

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25-6-2020 | Introducing Pixel® Snowy

Close-up Pixel Snowy.jpg

Deliflor keeps extending its santini assortment! In week 27 (Monday 29 June) Deliflor introduces another interesting santini: Pixel® Snowy. This beautiful white santini differentiates itself by its overwhelming amount of white flowers. The association with the huge...

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15-6-2020 | 3D Digi Delishow now online


Deliflor Chrysanten's first online flower trial event Due to the corona crisis, the Delishow, the flower trials that Deliflor Chrysanten normally organises for its international customers, couldn't take place in the usual way. To still give customers a chance to get a...

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26-5-2020 | Deliflor Chrysanten is the first in chrysanthemums to have a ‘3D Digi Delishow’

2305.11.19 - DEL - Delicatessen - 052.jpg

The breeding greenhouse at the annual Delishow in June is usually a hive of activity bursting with international visitors who come to see our new products. Unfortunately, this will not be possible this year due to the corona pandemic. But we simply couldn't let you...

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7-5-2020 | Evidence, strong white pompon

_L2A9511 - Bloemstuk Evidence.jpg

The beautiful white pompon Evidence is the new disbudded chrysanthemum by Deliflor, that will be supplied by VannoVa J&A Flowers from Friday May 9. A strong white ball shape flower with a fresh green heart. Great uniformity and excellent preservability. When put in...

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4-5-2020 | Alamos Yellow, colourful novelty

_L2A0555 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Alamos Yellow.jpg

The variety Alamos will get a second colour variation from May 5th. Zentoo will then start supplying Alamos Yellow, next to its purple-white sister Alamos. Alamos Yellow is a red spray chrysanthemum with bright yellow edges at the end of the petals. Together with the...

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7-4-2020 | Floricultural sector initiates heartwarming campaign against loneliness


Several businesses from the floral industry, including Beekenkamp Group, joined forces together with rapper Ali B to create a magnificent, heartwarming action against loneliness. This Good Friday, 10 April, no less than 150.000 colourful bouquets are being distributed...

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26-3-2020 | Introducing Serenity Salmon

_L2A0807 - Close-up Serenity Salmon.jpg

Even in times like this we try to bring beauty to the world with new chrysanthemums. Therefore Serenity will get a third surprising colour variation. Zentoo starts supplying Serenity Salmon, next to the existing varieties Serenity and Serenity Sweet. Serenity...

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23-1-2020 | Visit Deliflor at IPM Essen


From 28-31 January Deliflor Chrysanten will be present at IPM Essen, Germany. On this world's leading horticultural trade fair Deliflor will show its newest varieties and novelties. Visit our stand and admire the new and extraordinary disbudded chrysanthemum Rossano...

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5-12-2019 | New! Serenity Sweet

_L2A8898 - Close-up Serenity Sweet.jpg

The new spray variety Serenity Sweet is the pink sister of the well-known Serenity. The lovely pink Serenity Sweet has a subtle stripe on its petals, which gives this flower a more romantic appearance than its purple sister. The new variety will be introduced by Zentoo...

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4-11-2019 | Deliflor at Trade Fair Aalsmeer


From Wednesday November 6th to Friday 8th we welcome you in our stand at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. We present our international assortment and novelties, such as Rossano Elizabeth, PIP Red, Gaviria and Pizarro.  All novelties are nominated for...

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28-10-2019 | Florists inspired at Fleurex 2019

BFA Fleurex 2019 (1).jpg

Deliflor was present at BFA Fleurex 2019 in Hinckley-Birmingham last weekend. At this exhibition for English florists, Deliflor inspired visitors with their chrysanthemum assortment. De exhibition attracted a lot of visitors and we had the chance to meet a lot of...

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3-10-2019 | Fenix, the new bright red Santini

_L2A8457 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Fenix.jpg

Deliflor adds another sparkling santini to its assortment: Fenix. The bright red colour of its petals combined with the clear green heart makes Fenix really stand out. A flower with a powerfull appearance that can shine in a beautiful autumn arrangement. Fenix will be...

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30-9-2019 | PIP Red, beautiful colour for this season

_07A0452 - Close-up PIP Red.jpg

And yet another member will we added tot he PIP family: PIP Red, a magnificent red disbudded chrysanthemum. The extended family now consists of: PIP, PIP Sunny, PIP Pretty, PIP Purple, PIP Salmon and now PIP Red. A warm, autumn colour that will give florists good...

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16-9-2019 | Busy days at the Flowers Expo Moscow


The Flowers Expo in Moscow has been a great success for Deliflor. We have met a lot of wholesalers and florists in our stand. The butterfly arranged with our chrysanthemum varieties was a nice eye catcher in our stand. A lot of visitors were in line to get themselves...

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5-9-2019 | Introducing Pizarro (santini)


Pizarro, explorer and conqueror. And also the name of Deliflor’s newest Santini. Because of its excellent vase life Pizarro is suited to travel across the world. This world traveler will be supplied in a paper sleeve with the image of an old map. The white...

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20-8-2019 | Gaviria, a smash hit!

_L2A5364 - Close-up Gaviria.jpg

A smash hit! That is the way to describe Gaviria in 3 words. Not only does it refer to the Colombian racing cyclist that successfully races on a international level for some years now. It also refers to Deliflor’s newest chrysanthemum variety Gaviria, an intense...

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18-6-2019 | Novelty: Rossano Elizabeth, a royal disbud


Another royal flower is being added to the Deliflor assortment: Rossano Elizabeth. A beautiful orange Rossano with green edges at the petals which will be introduced in week 25. A real royalty named after the queen mother of the United Kingdom. The colourisation of...

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17-6-2019 | Novelties for all seasons during Delishow 2019


Last week we welcomed a lot of international visitors at our breeding facility in Maasdijk-Holland. They all had the oppportunity to see all kinds of new varieties, such as the Sorbet series: Sorbet Berry, Sorbet Banana and Sorbet Vanilla. But also the orange/green...

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20-5-2019 | Delishow 2019: enjoy chrysanthemums in any season!

Delishow beeldmerk.jpg

We associate every season with certain colours. But whether it's summer or winter, there's always a chrysanthemum that matches the corresponding colour scheme. During Deliflor's Delishow, we'll take you on a journey through the seasons. Be amazed by the colours of...

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20-5-2019 | Abbey Yellow: sunny addition

_07A0015 - Bloemstuk Close-up Abbey Yellow.jpg

A new member has been added to the Abbey-family. After having introduced the white/purple Abbey successfully, the assortment will also include Abbey Yellow. A remarkable flower that will be introduced to the market with a similar exclusive appearance as Abbey. Zentoo...

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15-5-2019 | Introducing Yin Yang® Pink


Yin Yang®, the Santini chrysanthemum with the distinctive black heart, will also become available in pink. Not so long ago Yin Yang® Cream was introduced. Now Yin Yang series will be extended by Yin Yang® Pink, which will be supplied from week 20. This pink...

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29-3-2019 | Sorbet series will get some new flavours


The sorbet family will be extended with some new flavours in week 13. A pink variety will be introduced by the name of Sorbet Berry and a yellow one by the name of Sorbet Banana. Together with Sorbet Vanilla (formerly known as Vanilla Sorbet) this adds up to a...

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22-3-2019 | Petticoat brings you back to Rock-and-roll

_07A1805 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Petticoat.jpg

Back to the days of Elvis and rock-and-roll! That’s what we do by introducing the new Deliflor variety Petticoat. A joyful white/pink flower with striped petals. A beautiful contrast and a perfect green heart. This single flowered spray chrysanthemum has a good...

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21-3-2019 | Yin Yang Cream welcome addition to Yin Yang

_07A9414 - Bloemstuk Close-up Yin Yang Creme.jpg

The Yin Yang family expects an interesting addition in the form of a cream santini: Yin Yang Cream. Yin Yang is unique due to its black heart to which the unusual Santini gained its fame in the market. The creamy version of Yin Yang will be a delightful addition not...

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25-2-2019 | Remarkable colour of new Abbey

_07A9944 - Close-up - Abbey.jpg

From week 9 (Tuesday Febuary 26th) Zentoo will supply the new spray chrysanthemum Abbey. The beautiful decorative flower of Abbey has an appealing colour: the white petals have a refined purple edge and a dark purple heart. Recently, Zentoo has already supplied Abbey...

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24-12-2018 | Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

step into 2019.jpg

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

18-10-2018 | Spectacular orange Santini: Fireball

_N3A8742 - Close-up Fireball.jpg

The new orange Santini of Deliflor has for sure been given a name that suits its appearance: Fireball. A bright orange ball that will not stay unnoticed. A spectacular novelty due to its beautiful dark leaves and its contrasting flowers. An orange variety that causes...

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15-10-2018 | Introducing classic beauty Aristotle

_07A9452 - Close-up Aristotle.jpg

In week 42 (October 17th) Aristotle will be available on the market. This beautiful white spray chrysanthemum has a bright green centre and appealing round petals. Its vase life is excellent and Aristotle has great growing power. All characteristics you might expect of...

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4-9-2018 | Meet Baltica at Flowers Expo Moscow

Deliflor Baltica - Logo RGB Zwart@2x-100.jpg

Flowers Expo Moscow 2018BALTICA, THE ORIGINAL Pure white petals and a bright green centre. A beautiful flower. This is Baltica: the spray chrysanthemum that’s been at the top for 10 years. Valued for its outstanding features of strength, vase life, reliability...

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13-8-2018 | XXLFlower Magnum now in Yellow

Bloemstuk Close-up Magnum Yellow.jpg

The disbudded chrysanthemum Magnum has already gained a lot of fame worldwide. In week 33 this unique, XXL-flower will get a yellow extension: Magnum Yellow. This new variety will be supplied by 2 quality growers: Arcadia Chrysanten and VannoVa J&A Flowers. Magnum...

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10-8-2018 | Pimento Orange beautiful orange novelty

_07A4155 - Close-up Pimento Orange.jpg

From week 33 Zentoo will supply the beautiful orange Santini Pimento Orange. This new colour variation of Pimento is a very nice addition to the orange segment. Combined with the fresh green centre, the contrast of colours is remarkable. With autumn ahead of us,...

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2-7-2018 | Falcon, a strong white novelty!

Falcon Close-up - 57811.jpg

Powerful, large and firm! These are the characteristics that distinguishes the new white disbudded chrysanthemum Falcon. The large white flower has a beautiful green centre and long petals. Falcon is delivered in a net, so the flower is well protected. When put on a...

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5-6-2018 | Meet Baltica, the Original, and win original prizes!

Deliflor Baltica - Logo RGB_Diap.jpg

Baltica celebrates its 10th birthday! Right from the start, the unrivalled transport qualities, shelf life and vase life made this white double-flowered chrysanthemum an instant commercial success. Baltica: our growers cultivate it with passion and dedication, and the...

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25-5-2018 | Delishow 2018: Join the fest!

1139.05.18 - DEL - Uitnodiging Delishow - Web.jpg

Looking for colourful inspiration? What about discovering some new chrysanthemums? Then come to our Delishow: 'Dreamsfield: join the fest'. From Tuesday, 12 June through Friday, 15 June, Deliflor Chrysanten will present a colourful display of flowers featuring its very...

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10-4-2018 | Exciting Baltazar Intense

_07A9688 - Close-up - Baltazar Intense.jpg

The family of disbudded spider chrysanthemum Baltazar will be extended by Baltazar Intense on Wednesday April 11th. This variety is more purple than Baltazar, but with the same light green ends of its petals. This creates a characteristic appearance for Baltazar...

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27-3-2018 | Siberia, a cast-iron novelty of Deliflor

Siberia tw.jpg

The disbudded chrysanthemum Siberia is a new white novelty of Deliflor. Siberia refers to a cold, white, icy, rough landscape which suits this firm, white pompon perfectly. The strong flower has good transportation qualities and an excellent vase life. A cast-iron...

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12-3-2018 | Fresh green novelty Cocoon

_07A9336106755 Cocoon bloemstuk 1a.jpg

New in the assortment of Deliflor is the spider spray chrysanthemum Cocoon. This novelty emerges into a fresh green variety which will have a shiny and natural effect on each bouquet. Cocoon has a beautiful flower formation and good transportability qualities and vase...

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12-2-2018 | Astroid, new disbud with impact

_07A0248 - Bloemstuk 1a Astroid.jpg

A bright yellow ball that will cause immense impact! That’s the new disbudded chrysanthemum Astroid. Astroid has large flowers with lots of petals. Vase life is excellent as well as its transportation qualities. A cast-iron novelty that will be supplied by Zentoo...

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18-1-2018 | Introducing Etrusko White

Etrusko White fb.jpg

Etrusko will get a new family member in the midst of week 3: Etrusko White. The extraordinary appearance of the variety Etrusko has not stayed unnoticed since it has been introduced. It is not surprising that this soft, cuddly flower with its frayed petals will also...

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5-1-2018 | New members added to the Beekenkamp Group's executive board

Press photo new management (1).jpg

  The Beekenkamp Group, located in Maasdijk, will effect changes in the composition of its executive board on 1 January 2018. The executive board currently made up of An Beekenkamp and Peter Persoon will be joined by Marc Driessen and Peter Zaat.

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22-12-2017 | Happy new year!

Kerstkaart Deliflor 2017 MAIL kl.jpg

Deliflor wishes you a colourful 2018!

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2-11-2017 | Visit Deliflor at FloraHolland Trade Fair 8-10 November

TradeFair 2017 eng site.jpg

Visit Deliflor at Flora Holland Trade Fair from 8-10 November.

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18-10-2017 | Gagarin Lunar, strong and legendary

_07A9375106794 Gagarin Lunar Close-up.jpg

Gagarin is already well known in the market as being ‘Strong and legendary’. From October 19 this strong variety will get a yellow addition: Gagarin Lunar. VannoVa J&A Flowers will supply approximately 7000 stems a week of this new variety.

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16-10-2017 | Introducing PIP Sunny and PIP Purple

PIP sunny purple.jpg

The PIP family will be extended with 2 beautiful colour variations in week 42. The first, PIP Sunny, has darkish yellow flowers with red striped petals. A disbudded chrysanthem that really stands out because of its distinguishing contrast. The second new addition to...

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12-10-2017 | Successful Proflora’17 for Deliflor Latin America

team Deliflor.jpg

At the Proflora flower show, that took place in Bogota, Colombia from October 4-6, Deliflor Latin America was present with a beautiful stand. Many Deliflor varieties were on display and also participated in the Outstanding Varieties Competition. We are proud to have...

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9-10-2017 | Chispa, the new sparkling disbudded chrysanthemum


In week 41 a remarkable new disbudded chrysanthemum called ‘Chispa’ will be introduced. Chispa means ‘sparkle’ in Spanish and that describes this yellow-bronze flower with its beautiful contrast perfectly. Chispa has large flowers which are...

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11-9-2017 | Haiku, the new red spray chrysanthemum

_07A0031 - Close-up Haiku.jpg

The red spray chrysanthemum called Haiku is the newest addition to the Deliflor assortment , introduced by grower Erik van der Hoeven. This intense red, velvet flower was given a Japanese name for a special occasion on the Japanese embassy last year. Haiku refers to a...

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1-9-2017 | Baltica range extended by Baltica Salmon

_07A0031 - Close-up Baltica Salmon.jpg

Baltica is a well-known brand in chrysanthemums for years now. From week 35 the extraordinary Baltica range will be extended by Baltica Salmon, a beautiful soft colour of salmon. Linflowers will introduce Baltica Salmon in week 35, followed by Zentoo in week 37. This...

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23-5-2017 | Delishow 2017: Around the world!


From Tuesday, 13 June through Friday, 16 June, Deliflor Chrysanten open its doors for Delishow 2017. Get acquainted with the very latest varieties and discover the most exotic experimental ones. You will encounter new products such as Copa, Vanilla Sorbet and Stresa...

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8-5-2017 | New: Stresa Purple

_07A0709 - Close-up Stresa Purple.jpg

A distinctive purple colour. That is the most striking aspect of the new spray chrysanthemum Stresa Purple, which will be supplied from week 19 (Monday 8 May). Zentoo will introduce this special colour variety of Stresa. Besides the beautiful colour, Stresa Purple...

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8-5-2017 | Summer with Fiebre!

_07A0080 - Close-up Fiebre.jpg

It is summer at once! Caused by the new disbudded chrysanthemum Fiebre. J&A Flowers will introduce this bright yellow chrysanthemum at the beginning of week 19. The sunny colour of Fiebre is very distinctive, especially combined with the intense dark leaves. Large...

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10-3-2017 | Introducing PIP Pretty

PIP Pretty fb.jpg

The PIP family will be extended! Next to PIP and PIP Salmon the new variety PIP Pretty will be added to the series on March 13nd. A true beauty! Because of the light pink petals and the dark pink centre this PIP variety is again a breath-taking flower with similar...

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21-2-2017 | Royce Lovely will conquer hearts

IMG_0030 - Royce Lovely Close-up.jpg

On 22 February the new spray chrysanthemum Royce Lovely will be supplied by Voort Chrysanten for the first time. With her magnificent dark pink centre and light petals this novelty will conquer many hearts. The name suits the sweet appearance of Royce Lovely very well....

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10-2-2017 | Founder of the Beekenkamp Group has passed away

Govert Beekenkamp.jpg

Maasdijk - Govert Beekenkamp, founder of Plantenkwekerij Beekenkamp (Beekenkamp Plant Nursery) and the Beekenkamp Group in Maasdijk, the Netherlands, passed away on February 8, 2017 at the age of 88. The horticulture branch has lost an entrepreneur in heart and soul,...

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24-1-2017 | Vanilla Sorbet baptised at IPM Essen

Manfred Hoffmann and Oliver Ferchland.jpg

On 24 January the new Vanilla Sorbet spray chrysanthemum was officially baptised on the Deliflor Chrysanten stand during the IPM in Essen. Floral arrangers Oliver Ferchland and Manfred Hoffmann from the Fachverband Deutscher Floristen (FDF) were present to carry out...

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19-1-2017 | Introducing Vanilla Sorbet

_N3A8983 - Close-up Vanilla Sorbet.jpg

A creamy treat! That is the best way to describe the new spray chrysanthemum Vanilla Sorbet. The creamy colour of this newcomer has not been seen much in the chrysanthemum assortment yet. This variety has already gained a lot of enthusiastic reactions. From week 4 it...

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10-1-2017 | Introducing Himalaya

_N3A9002 - Close-up Himalaya.jpg

An icy white spray chrysanthemum named Himalaya. That’s the new single flowered spray chrysanthemum which Deliflor introduces on the market. Lianda Flowers will supply this novelty with approximately 60.000 stems a week.Himalaya meets all requirements of a white...

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29-12-2016 | Introducing tropical Copa, a new spray chrysanthemum


Introducing CopaIn week 1 temperatures start rising to a tropical degree due to the introduction of Copa. Zentoo then starts supplying the yellow spray single flowered chrysanthemum Copa. The connection between the Brazilian Copa and this new chrysanthemum with her...

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22-12-2016 | Merry Christmas!

merry Christmas web.jpg

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We would like to thank you for the cooperation in 2016 and hope to continue this the coming year. We wish you all the best for 2017!  

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24-11-2016 | Introducing Serenity

_N3A8824 - Close-up Serenity.jpg

In week 47 the assortment of Deliflor will be extended by a beautiful new spray chrysanthemum. Serenity is a striking new novelty in the segment of anemones. With her striped petals in purple/white, Serenity has a fresh appearance. A chrysanthemum that will certainly...

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24-10-2016 | Trade Fair 2016


The FloraHolland Trade Fair will be held in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands from 2 to 4 November. This is a great opportunity for export companies, wholesalers and customers from the Netherlands and abroad to view and experience a complete selection of flowers, plants,...

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22-9-2016 | New 'cuddly' disbudded chrysanthemum: Etrusko


Cuddly! That is what the new disbudded Etrusko is all about. A special novelty that will be supplied by Jurro starting Friday September 23th. Her beautiful pink colour and frayed edges on its petals make Etrusko to be a distinct newcomer in the assortment. Etrusko is...

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14-9-2016 | Deliflor Chrysanten at Flowers Expo Moscow

Flowers Expo Moskou (9c).JPG

Deliflor Chrysanten has a prominent place during Flowers Expo Moscow 2016, directly at the main entrance. This was also noticeable from the visitors in our stand, is was very busy in the Deliflor stand from the moment the doors opened.

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16-8-2016 | Belicia Pink a fresh pink newcomer

Bloemstuk 1a Belicia Pink.jpg

A fresh pink newcomer, the spray chrysanthemum Belicia Pink will be supplied by Dukker Chrysanten on Wednesday August 17th. Belicia Pink has a beautiful pink colour and even bigger flowers than Belicia . A beautiful pink chrysanthemum for any lovely bouquet, with lots...

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27-6-2016 | Rossano Dark Orange: new member of the Rossano family


Tuesday June 28th, the successful Rossano family will be extended by a new member! That day Kwekerij Waalzicht introduces Rossano Dark Orange. This variety has a dark, deep orange colour. A beautiful warm addition to the existing colour range. This Rossano- like all...

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10-6-2016 | Santini Sweetheart: a flower to fall in love with

_N3A7983 - Bloemstuk 1a Sweetheart.jpg

On June 10th a new santini variety has been added to the Deliflor assortment: Sweetheart. Waalstroom Flowers will supply this novelty. The purple heart surrounded by its lighter petals make this santini a real Sweetheart to fall in love with. With its beautiful...

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9-5-2016 | Worldwide assortment during Delishow 2016


From Tuesday, 14 June through Friday, 17 June, Deliflor Chrysanten open its doors for Delishow 2016. Get acquainted with the very latest varieties and discover the most exotic experimental ones. You will encounter new products such as Baltazar, Rossano Charlotte and...

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3-5-2016 | Baltazar: extraordinary new disbud

_N3A2339 Close-up Baltazar.jpg

In week 18 the new disbudded chrysanthemum Baltazar will be introduced by Kwekerij Denim Fleur. With its gorgeous purple/green colour, Baltazar is an extraordinary addition to the assortment of spider chrysanthemums. Several times Baltazar has drawn a lot of attention...

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29-3-2016 | Introducing Magnum

kaartje wijnkoeler-1.jpg

The word ‘magnum’ means ‘big’, and this is exactly why we called this disbudded chrysanthemum Magnum. Its flower is huge: to call Magnum a size XXL is no exaggeration! Not only does its flower get even bigger in the vase as the weeks go by, but...

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29-3-2016 | Last part of the Magnum movie officially launches Magnum on the market

screenshot film3.jpg

Last part of the Magnum movie "Let the love sparkle" officially launches Magnum on the market.

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24-3-2016 | Magnum: "Romance is in the air"

screenshot film2.jpg

Check out part 2 of the Magnum movie and follow our love story! 

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17-3-2016 | Magnum: “A true love story”.

screenshot film1.jpg

“A true love story”. Starring Magnum, the perfect white, XXL, strong chrysanthemum. Brought to you by Arcadia Chrysanten and VannoVa J&A flowers on March 31th, 2016. Directed by Deliflor Chrysanten.

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4-3-2016 | Varese, new in the orange segment


A totally different orange colour then you’re used to. That’s how we can describe the new spray chrysanthemum Varese, which will be introduced on Monday, March 7. A remarkable chameleon amongst the chrysanthemums: Varese effortlessly adapts to its...

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3-3-2016 | Introducing Barca Splendid


In week 9 the spray chrysanthemum Barca Splendid will be supplied by Janity Flowers. This dark pink decorative flower is already well-known and appreciated as a disbudded chrysanthemum and will now be available as spray chrysanthemum. A welcome addition to the Barca...

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17-2-2016 | Arcadia Chrysanten on the pedals


Deliflor Chrysanten congratulates Arcadia Chrysanten with its title: International Grower of the Year Award, the award they received at IPM Essen late January.

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8-1-2016 | Royal Rossano Charlotte available

_N3A4298 Close-Up Rossano Charlotte.jpg

A beautiful flower with a royal appearance, that’s how the new disbudded chrysanthemum Rossano Charlotte can be described, which will be introduced on Monday January 11th. Named after Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, born on May 2nd 2015 as the youngest child and...

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1-1-2016 | Introducing Royce

Royce fb.jpg

The year 2016 starts well with the introduction of the new variety Royce. We expect the first flowers of this decorative spray chrysanthemum in week 1. This type of purple is not very common in the total range of chrysanthemums. Furthermore, Royce has a beautiful...

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22-12-2015 | Merry Christmas!

Christmas web.jpg

Merry Christmas and a happy 2016!

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26-11-2015 | 'Rossano Charlotte’ supports royal charity

Foto 1.JPG

‘Rossano Charlotte’, Deliflor’s new disbudded chrysanthemum, was named after Charlotte, the baby girl born to Prince William and his wife Catherine, on 2 May 2015. This new chrysanthemum will make a meaningful contribution to the East Anglia's...

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16-11-2015 | Pimento, a spicy new Santini

_N3A5719 Bloemstuk 1a Pimento.jpg

The first flowers of the new santini Pimento are now available. As the name suggests, Pimento spices up each arrangement with its intense red colour and striking green centre. A santini that suits this period of warm autumn colours and Christmas arrangements very well....

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29-10-2015 | Alamos, intense purple colour with a subtle bit of white

Alamos fb.jpg

An intense purple colour that impresses! With a subtle piece of white. The perfect balance. This is not a description of the lovely Alamos wines from Argentina, but these are the characteristics of the new spray chrysanthemum Alamos. This will be introduced on October...

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20-10-2015 | Trade Fair and Autumn Trials 2015

TradeFair site.jpg

Deliflor Chrysanten is looking forward to meeting you this autumn. From Wednesday 4th until Friday 6th of November we will be present at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. Our stand (20.5) will be filled with chrysanthemums available at the Dutch flower auctions...

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12-10-2015 | World Expo Milaan

World Expo Milaan

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14-9-2015 | Colourful Deliflor stand at Flowers Expo Moscow brings joy


After three busy and successful days, the Flowers Expo in Moscow closed its doors on Thursday, 10 September. Our stand received many business associates from the floriculture sector who had come to discuss the latest developments and admire our novelties for...

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10-9-2015 | Lorain, new white-pink Santini


On September 11th, a new Santini will be introduced at FloraHolland Aalsmeer, named Lorain. This unique santini has an extraordinary combination of white and pink coloured petals. It is a real novelty in the santini segment and with its striking and lovely colour,...

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25-8-2015 | Introducing Elstar

_N3A1675 - Close-up Elstar.jpg

"Red and yellow eye-catcher" is the right description for the new spray chrysanthemum Elstar. From Wednesday 25th of August this single flowered spray chrysanthemum is supplied by Denim Fleur at the Naaldwijk auction.

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24-7-2015 | Introducing Delacroix

Delacroix close-up.jpg

On Monday July 27th, grower Zentoo will supply Delacroix a new bright red chrysanthemum.Delacroix is a double flowered variety and expected to be a welcome addition to this assortment, because it does not have a broad range of varieties yet. The unique thing about...

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19-6-2015 | New catalogue and Deliflor App

Deliflor teeltbrochures.jpg

There is a completely renewed, refreshed brochure available, which contains the international Deliflor (cultivation) assortment. Given that this assortment already consists of more than 300 varieties, our most successful and our newest varieties are included in the...

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18-6-2015 | Introducing Cologne (santini)

_N3A1614 Close-up Cologne - LR Yvonne.jpg

Cologne is a new white pompon santini in Deliflor’s assortment. The numerous flowers per branch and the fresh appearance of Cologne make this new santini a ‘musthave’ for every summer bouquet. This santini will be supplied by Lewis Flowers at the...

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18-6-2015 | Record number of visitors to the 2015 Delishow


From 9 through to 12 June, we welcomed a record number of international visitors to our Delishow, which takes place annually, simultaneously with the FlowerTrials®. Visitors could admire the international assortment, which was in bloom at our breeding location in...

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8-6-2015 | Introducing: Chelo

chelo fb.jpg

Chelo is the name of Deliflor’s newest spray chrysanthemum that will be introduced by Zentoo on June 9th. This single flowered, soft pink spray chrysanthemum stands out by its numerous flowers per branch. The soft pink colour combined with the fresh green heart,...

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1-6-2015 | International assortment during Delishow 2015


At last it’s there: from Tuesday, 9 June through Friday, 12 June, Deliflor Chrysanten will present its Delishow 2015. We cordially invite you to join us for an all inclusive guided tour through these flower trials. Get acquainted with the very latest varieties...

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29-5-2015 | A new fresh, white santini: Dudoc

Dudoc closeup.jpg

Deliflor adds another santini to its assortment. On Friday May 29th, grower Richard van Schie will supply the new white santini Dudoc for the first time. A fresh white flower with a sparkling green heart. This double flowered santini can be used in several ways...

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20-5-2015 | Introducing: Stresa

_N3A0182 Close-up Stresa.jpg

On May 20th Linflowers has introduced the new spray chrysanthemum Stresa. This anemone type chrysanthemum has a marvellous purple-white contrast in its flowers, that gives Stresa a unique appearance. This two-coloured Stresa is a striking flower in every arrangement or...

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7-5-2015 | I LIKE LAIKA

Laika disbud.jpg

On May 8th Deliflor Chrysanten introduces the marvelous disbudded chrysanthemum Laika. With its large flowers and characteristic lime green edge on the white petals, Laika has a fresh and stylish appearance.

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30-4-2015 | Barca Splendid, new member of Barca family

_N3A8998 Barca Splendid pluis Catalogus.jpg

On April 30th grower Arcadia Chrysanten starts the supply of the new disbudded chrysanthemum Barca Splendid. A beautiful, dark pink addition to the Barca family, that exists of Barca, Barca Red and now Barca Splendid. The vase life of Barca Splendid is very good....

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8-4-2015 | Introducing: Coconut


A white tropical surprise, that is how we can characterize a coconut. Deliflor now has its own white surprise: the spray chrysanthemum Coconut! Coconut will be supplied on April 8th by 100%Flowers Bovebo. This chrysanthemum is a fresh white pompon and has many flowers...

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2-3-2015 | Mango: a tropical surprise by Deliflor

mango deliflor.jpg

On 2 March an orange appetizer has been added to the Deliflor assortment. At that time, Bovebo nursery will introduce its orange spray chrysanthemum named Mango. The large flowers, its beautifully warm orange colour and bright green centre make Mango a real moodsetter....

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24-2-2015 | Introducing: Lesia


Bovebo nursery will be introducing Lesia, a light pink spray chrysanthemum, on 24 February. This anemone flowered chrysanthemum features beautifully large, pink blooms with a bright green centre, and its attractive flowers continue to develop even after arranged in a...

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19-2-2015 | New green Santini: Celtic

Bloemstuk 2a Celtic.jpg

On Friday, 20 February, Lewis Flowers will be introducing Deliflor’s new green Santini: Celtic! This newcomer has everything it takes to become an international best seller. It has an intensely, bright green colour which is permanent. Celtic’s other...

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2-2-2015 | Pink beauty: Belicia

Close-up Belicia.jpg

As of today Dukker Chrysanten supplies the new spray chrysanthemum Belicia. Belicia means beauty and that’s for a reason. This chrysanthemum is a beautiful pink chrysanthemum with a striking flower. The flower is semi double, but also has the appearance of an...

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22-12-2014 | Merry Christmas and a beautiful 2015!

Merry Christmas 7.jpg


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25-11-2014 | Temporary suspension of Yin Yang supply

Yin Yang3.jpg

Santini Yin Yang has been a real hit since its launch at the auction. In just a short period of time, Yin Yang has proven itself a delightful appearance in the Santini assortment. Its white flowers and black centre make Yin Yang truly unique and distinctive.

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4-11-2014 | Visit us at the Trade Fair 5-7 November


From 5 to 7 November Deliflor is delighted to welcome you in her stand at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. We have a wide range of varieties to show you and numerous novelties. We also show arrangements made with our chrysanthemums to surprise you with the...

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3-11-2014 | 'Chrysanthemum World Champion', rises to no.5 in Hillenraad100


On Friday 31 October the annual Dutch Hortigala took place, where the famous Hillenraad100 of 2014 was presented. The Beekenkamp Group, to which Deliflor Chrysanten belongs, has definitely settled itself in the top 10. In 2013 we entered this top 10 on nr. 9. This year...

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6-10-2014 | Rocca, a classic beauty!

Rocca Bloemstuk 1a.jpg

A classic beauty! That’s how we can classify the new snow white spray chrysanthemum Rocca. A white beauty that will be available at FloraHolland Aalsmeer from Monday October 6th.

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30-9-2014 | Gagarin: strong and legendary!

Gagarin chrysanthemum.jpg

Yuri Gagarin: a hero of his time! After all, he became a legend as the first person to make a manned flight into outer space. And he earned worldwide fame as a Russian cosmonaut.

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22-9-2014 | Stand at Flowers Expo a real eye-catcher

foto 1.JPG

The exceptionally striking presentation of ‘Gagarin’, the new disbudded chrysanthemum, made an eye-catching feature at Deliflor’s stand at the popular flower trade fair, Flowers Expo Moscow, held from 17-19 September. Deliflor has been a regular...

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9-9-2014 | Marrow, beautiful orange newcomer

Bloemstuk 1a Marrow.jpg

The beautiful orange colour is the first stunning characteristic of the new disbudded chrysanthemum Marrow. Kwekerij Cornelis Jan supplies this new variety at the Dutch auctions from today. Marrow also stands out because of her heavy stems and large flowers. A flower...

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30-8-2014 | Demonstration Willeke Blumen

Deliflor Chrysanten organises a demonstration with floral diesigner Ruud Hazelaar at Cash&Carry Willeke Blumen in Büren-Steunhausen, Germany, August 30th.

4-8-2014 | New santini Deliflame: warm orange colours


From week 32 a beautiful santini called Deliflame will be supplied. The warm, orange autumn colours of this santini certainly stand out in this period. 

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16-6-2014 | Many new varieties to see during Deliflor’s ‘World of flavours’


Yin Yang, Gagarin, Limoncello, Rocca Quick, PIP and Baltica Cream: these were just a few of the new varieties that attracted considerable attention during last week’s Delishow. From the 10th to the 13th of June, visitors from around the world had an opportunity...

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9-6-2014 | Yin Yang, the eye catcher of this summer

Yin Yang.jpg

Yin Yang is going to be the eye catcher of the santini assortment this summer and is available at the Dutch auctions from June 10th. This santini certainly stands out in the market because of its remarkable black heart combined with her white petals. Because of...

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9-6-2014 | Introduction of Tolstoj

Tolstoj 42902.jpg

A new fresh spray chrysanthemum named Tolstoj has been introduced on the auction in Aalsmeer. Tolstoj is a famous Russian writer and the spray variety Tolstoj is also like a beautiful novel. This spray chrysanthemum is an outstanding variety because of its snow white...

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26-5-2014 | Gold presented in Naples for the billionth Anastasia


Last weekend, the buyers of the golden bunch of Anastasia received their gold. During an event attended by more than 50 other Italian florists, it was Gennaro Palumbo, representing a large import company, and another person representing the flower shop “Il...

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24-4-2014 | ‘World of Flowers’ during Deliflor flower trials

Delishow2014 Deliflor Chrysanten.jpg

The Deliflor Chrysanten greenhouse will again be full of bright cheerful colour during week 24. From Tuesday, 10 June through to Friday, 13 June, the trial greenhouse will be exhibiting a ‘World of Flowers’ during its Delishow of 2014. Deliflor’s...

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11-4-2014 | Introduction HestiaStar

Close-up Hestiastar_1.jpg

Arcadia Chrysanten introduces a special newcomer in the segment of green disbudded chrysanthemums named HestiaStar.This fresh, light green chrysanthemum has an extraordinary appearance not only because of its color, but also because of the distinct frayed edge on its...

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24-3-2014 | Beautiful new white santini: Vivo


Deliflor adds a new variety to her assortment. From week 13 Vivo is available, supplied by LionStar. Vivo is a beautiful white santini. This variety has various rows of white petals, that distinguishes Vivo from other white, single flowered santini’s....

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20-3-2014 | Deliflor contributes to Hong Kong Flower Show

Flower Show2.jpg

From 7 to 16 March 2014 the Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 took place at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, China. Deliflor contributed to the beautiful Holland Pavilion that has won the Grant Award For Outstanding Exhibit. A large selection of our chrysanthemums were shown to...

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17-3-2014 | Introduction of Salma Cream

_MG_3773 Close-up Salma Cream.jpg

The new disbudded chrysanthemum Salma Cream has been introduced to the Dutch auctions  by Kwekerij Cornelis-Jan. Salma Cream is extraordinary because of its decorative, large flowers and its beautiful cream colour. A welcome addition to the existing assortment....

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10-2-2014 | Bright yellow Limoncello

Limoncello 1.jpg

The pompon-like, yellow, spray chrysanthemum Limoncello is the newest addition to the Deliflor assortment, introduced by Zentoo. This bright yellow chrysanthemum has already received many positive reactions. Not only for its extraordinary appearance, but certainly also...

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28-1-2014 | Anastasia campaign reaches its conclusion

Delicatessen (17).jpg

To celebrate the sale of the billionth Anastasia cutting, a special Anastasia promotional campaign was launched in June 2013 and tantalisingly brought to a peak. Subsequent to publication of a website which gave everyone in the world the chance to upload a picture of...

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24-1-2014 | Introduction of Rossano Yellow

Rossano Yellow.jpg

Rossano Yellow has been introduced at the Dutch auctions by grower Waalzicht. Rossano is already familiar and popular as a pink disbudded chrysanthemum. Now, it is being joined by this yellow variety. Rossano Yellow bears a splendid large yellow flower with a...

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16-1-2014 | Gold Anastasia at the auction tommorrow!

Goudenhoes 001kl.jpg

On January 17th, the billionth golden Anastasia will be delivered to a Dutch auction. This unique flower can be recognised by its special golden sleeve. If you are the purchasing agent, import company or florist who finds this Anastasia in its golden packaging, made...

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13-1-2014 | Introduction of Baltica Cream

Baltica Cream chrysanthemum2.jpg

On Monday, 13 January a special launch will take place. On that day, VannoVa Guus van Leeuwen will deliver its first Baltica Cream. This means that 5 years since the introduction of the first Baltica, the Baltica family will now be expanded to include a 5th colour! In...

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17-12-2013 | New: Florange Yellow

Florange Yellow.jpg

The single flowered spray chrysanthemum Florange Yellow has been newly supplied at the Dutch auctions by Zentoo. Florange Yellow is the yellow ‘sister’ of Florange. It’s bright yellow colour and fresh green heart gives it a cheerful,...

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28-11-2013 | One billionth cutting of ‘gold’ Anastasia reaches the market


Very shortly, the billionth flower of chrysanthemum Anastasia will be harvested and sold to its end users. Since Anastasia was introduced in 2001, one billion cuttings of the white version of this disbudded chrysanthemum have been grown into flowers via the...

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12-11-2013 | Introduction Peroni, a new Santini by Deliflor

Peroni Close-up.jpg

Grower Chrywijk introduces a new and most unique Santini by Deliflor. With the introduction of the magnificent Peroni, Deliflor and Chrywijk will surprise each buyer, seller, wholesaler, florist and consumer. This Santini chrysanthemum is unique because of...

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31-10-2013 | Autumn Flower Trials and Trade Fair 6th-8th November


From Wednesday 6th until Friday 8th of November Deliflor Chrysanten will be present at the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. Our stand will be filled with chrysanthemums now available at the Dutch flower auctions including our new varieties.

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7-10-2013 | Deliflor presentation in Scotland


Last weekend a wide range of Deliflor varieties were on display at an Open Day in a wholesale in Scotland. In collaboration with an export company Deliflor was given the opportunity to present her chrysanthemums.

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23-9-2013 | Barca Red for a beautiful autumn

Barca Red.jpg

With autumn on its way, the demand for red chrysanthemums has started to increase. This week the assortment of disbudded chrysanthemums has been extended with the introduction of Barca Red. This mutant of the already successful dark purple Barca has a beautiful clear...

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9-9-2013 | Bright Yellow Paladov Sunny

paladov sunny.jpg

KZ Flowers introduces the new disbudded chrysanthemum Paladov Sunny at Floraholland Naaldwijk. Paladov Sunny is a bright yellow, spherical chrysanthemum that is perfect to use in every bouquet and arrangement. The beautiful yellow color of this disbud will certainly...

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5-9-2013 | New variety PIP

PIP sm.jpg

Grower R&A van der Voort launches the new disbudded chrysanthemum PIP at the auction. This 'sister' of the spray chrysanthemum VIP, which is available since last April, has the same beautiful colors. The pink-purple contrast of PIP gives this...

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8-8-2013 | Launch of Cupcake

Cup Cake1.jpg

These days it’s the sweet treat to have with a cuppa and from week 33 you’ll also be able to tuck in at the auction. On Monday 12 August, Zentoo will be launching the spray chrysanthemum Cupcake.

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4-7-2013 | Follow your Anastasia back to its roots

logo Miljardste Anastasia.jpg

Deliflor has launched a global campaign to promote Anastasia. The reason for this activity? The billionth cutting for the disbudded white Anastasia will be delivered this year. We plan to celebrate this landmark together with all parties in the supply chain...

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18-6-2013 | Great number of foreign visitors at Delishow


From the 11th until the 14th of June, Deliflor Chrysanten presented many novelties and internationally successful cut chrysanthemums during its Delishow, an event that takes place at the same time as the annual FlowerTrials®. An increasing number of international...

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17-6-2013 | New introduction: Palette

Palette chrysanthemum.jpg

Palette is a new spray chrysanthemum that will be supplied at the Dutch auction by River Flowers. As its name already points out, Palette has a great palette of colours. Its flowers are dark yellow with red stripes. Furthermore it has a beautiful, fresh green...

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11-4-2013 | First supply Zembla Lime

_MG_7650 Bloemstuk 1a Baltica Lime.jpg

On April 11th spray chrysanthemum Baltica Lime has been introduced to the flower auction in Naaldwijk, Holland. Baltica Lime, part of the Baltica family, is especially appealing because of its beautiful light green flowers. This colour gives the blooms a fresh look and...

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2-4-2013 | Introduction Roma Festa

Roma Festa Close-up.jpg

Roma Festa is a new mutant of well-known spray chrysanthemum Roma. What makes Roma Festa such a special variety? It is the fine red line that runs precisely along the edge of the yellow ray flowers. This special feature creates a unique contrast, which will make it...

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2-4-2013 | Introduction VIP

_MG_8895 VIP Wijnfles maart 2013-1.jpg

On Tuesday the 2nd of April, R&A van der Voort will introduce the VIP variety. VIP is a fully double spray chrysanthemum that is characterized by its unique contrasting colours and large blooms. The flowers are pink with dark purple stripes; a valuable addition to...

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4-2-2013 | Sombrella wins 2013 FloraHolland Glazen Tulp Award

Sombrella Glazen Tulp1.jpg

‘For the second year in succession, this prestigious award is won by a chrysanthemum’ For the second year in a row, a chrysanthemum from Deliflor Chrysanten has carried off the FloraHolland Glazen Tulp award. The extraordinary disbudded chrysanthemum...

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31-1-2013 | Deliflor inspires many nationalities at the IPM in Essen


During the IPM in Essen (Germany), Deliflor presented its range as available at the Dutch flower auctions and this caused many surprised reactions. Florists frequently asked questions like: ‘Oh, are these really only chrysanthemums?’and ‘Are these...

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20-12-2012 | Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!


Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!

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13-12-2012 | Ranomi Kromowidjojo christens Chrysanthemum ‘Ranomi’ with Olympic water

Ranomi en Laurens dopen de Ranomi chrysant.jpg

On Wednesday, 12 December, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, winner of two Olympic gold medals in London, visited the nursery of chrysanthemum grower Laurens van der Lans in ’s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands. She had come here to christen the chrysanthemum named for her:...

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22-11-2012 | Sombrella finalist for the ‘Glazen Tulp’ award


The finalists for the FloraHolland Glazen Tulp 2013 Award have been announced. In the catagory Cut flowers Sombrella is one of five finalists. With this extraordinary disbudded chrysanthemum Deliflor Chrysanten and grower Acradia hope for the prolongation of the Glazen...

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30-10-2012 | Official opening test facility in Japan


Deliflor had its own test facility built at its Japan branch. On the 12 of October 2012, the new premises were officially opened by Peter Persoon, Managing Director of Deliflor, together with Kazunori Kikuchi, Manager of Deliflor Japan. Various business relationships...

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29-10-2012 | Introduction Alishka

_MG_3779 Alishka Close-up.jpg

The 30th of October a beautiful new spray chrysanthemum named Alishka will be available on the auctions in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. Alishka is known for her pretty and outstanding flowers. She is a pink anemone flower with a dark centre. This dark centre is very unique...

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29-10-2012 | Surprising booth at the FloraHolland Trade Fair 2012

doek deliflor preview  9-10.jpg

With a new refreshing and surprising stand concept, Deliflor Chrysanten will be present at the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer which will take place from Wednesday October 31st to Friday November 2nd.

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15-10-2012 | Moretti: beautiful red in fall

_MG_2409 Moretti Bloemstuk 1a.jpg

Now fall is in the air and Christmas is not that far away, Wico Flowers introduces a beautiful new spray chrysanthemum named Moretti. On Tuesday October 16th this spray chrysanthemum will be available on the Dutch auctions. Moretti is stunning because of her pretty red...

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2-10-2012 | Baltica Pink, Think Pink

Baltica Pink poster klein.jpg

A new member of the beautiful Baltica Family has been introduced on the auctions in Holland on Monday October 1st. The new member is bright pink and for that reason this variety is called: Baltica Pink.This new variety scores excellent when it comes to vase life and...

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25-9-2012 | Introduction Sheik

Sheik chrysanthemum.jpg

Monday September 24th a new chrysanthemum called Sheik has been introduced at FloraHolland Naaldwijk. A beautiful cream disbudded chrysanthemum with a fresh green heart. Sheik distinguishes itself in the disbudded segment with its large, richly filled flowers, which...

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21-6-2012 | More foreign visitors at Delishow


  From the 12th until the 16th of June, Deliflor Chrysanten presented many novelties and internationally successful cut chrysanthemums during its Delishow, an event that takes place at the same time as the annual FlowerTrials®.    

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4-6-2012 | Innovative Sombrella in special packaging


Often Deliflor is asked to introduce new varieties. New varieties with different colors, different shapes, a total different look…. Such a new and different chrysanthemum is now available at the Dutch auctions FloraHolland Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. This new...

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29-5-2012 | Delishow June 2011

Delishow 1.jpg

From Tuesday the 12th of June until Friday the 15th of June, Deliflor Chrysanthemums opens its doors for the Delishow June 2012. These are the international flower trials, where you can see the entire new and existing international assortment in bloom. You are...

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24-4-2012 | Deliflor attracts many visitors at the Flowers&Hortech Kiev

Deliflor stand 4.jpg

From the 11th until the 13th of April, Kiev (Ukraine) was home to the Flowers & HorTech trade fair. During this show, Deliflor presented its entire assortment to the local trade.In addition to the well known “cubbyhole” display cabinet filled with the...

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19-3-2012 | Flowers & HorTech Poland 2012

Flowers and Hortech Polen2.jpg

From March 20-22th Deliflor Chrysanten exhibits at “Flowers & HorTech Poland 2012”, the first International exhibition in Poland that focuses exclusively on the Flower Business, Horticulture and Greenhouse Technology. This exhibition takes place right...

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24-1-2012 | Anastasia Star Pink wins prestigious Glass Tulip 2012

Close-up Anastasia Star Pink2.jpg

On 19 January, Deliflor Chrysanten’s innovative disbudded chrysanthemum Anastasia Star Pink won the Glass Tulip 2012. During a festive evening in Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk (Netherlands), Kwekerij Arcadia was presented with the award. The expert panel of...

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22-12-2011 | Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Christmas site1.jpg

Merry Christmas

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25-8-2011 | Visit the Deliflor stand at the Flowers Expo in Moscow!

Moskou 2010..jpg

From 30 August until 2 September, the main chrysanthemum varieties are represented by Deliflor at the Flowers Expo in Moscow.

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17-8-2011 | Introduction Paladov

Close-up Paladov.jpg

When Autumn comes around, disbudded chrysanthemums in Autumn colors like orange and bronze are often requested by florists.

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16-8-2011 | Introduction Dante Purple and Dante Yellow


It is worth waiting for the new members of the Dante family: Dante Purple and Dante Yellow.

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15-8-2011 | Introduction Azami

azami close up.jpg

On the 15th of August, Azami will make its entrance at FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Three weeks later, Azami will be introduced on FloraHolland Naaldwijk.

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5-7-2011 | Introduction Barca

_MG_1472 Close-up Barca.jpg

On Thursday July 7th the new chrysanthemum variety Barca will be introduced on the Dutch auctions.

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30-6-2011 | Introductie Anastasia Star Mint

After the successful introduction of Anastasia Star Pink, a new variety of the Anastasia Star Line has been developed: Anastasia Star Mint. Anastasia Star Mint will be introduced on Monday the 4  of July by Arcadia Chrysanten.

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27-6-2011 | Flowertrails 2011

foto bloeiproef oude site.jpg

During the official FlowerTrials 2011, Beekenkamp Plants opened its doors to visitors and this enabled them to visit a flower trial at Deliflor Chrysanthemums as well. Visitors from both home and abroad complimented Deliflor on its splendid presentation and on the...

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27-6-2011 | Introduction Galatica Yellow

Close-up 1a Galactica Yellow oude site.jpg

On Wednesday 29th of June Galactica Yellow will be introduced on the auctions Flora Holland Aalsmeer and Flora Holland Naaldwijk.

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30-5-2011 | Introduction Delcine

Close-up 1b Delcine.jpg

On Monday May 30th Delcine will be introduced on the auctions: Flora Holland Aalsmeer and Flora Holland Naaldwijk. Delcine is a beautiful appereance because of its dark pink and blooming flowers into the heart. The heavy stem and flowering floral display of Delcine...

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5-5-2011 | Deliflorins actively increases chances of varieties


The trade responds well to the Deliflorins campaign organized by chrysanthemum breeder Deliflor. Every week, new participants register for the first loyalty scheme for cut flowers. This way, they do not just have the latest Deliflor varieties at their disposal but they...

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5-5-2011 | Amira: from now on available year round


Who doesn't remember her? Amira, the beautiful white, spider decorative spray Chrysanthemum. On Monday March 28th Amira will be for sale again at the auctions in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. Amira is known for her beautiful quil shaped petals that stand upwards and her...

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3-5-2011 | Flower trials: discover your future varieties


Deliflor invites you to visit the Delishow flower trials in week 24, an opportunity to get acquainted with Deliflor's potential chrysanthemum introductions, and perhaps your own future varieties! The trials comprise over 150 different varieties of spray chrysanthemums,...

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3-5-2011 | Introduction Anastasia Star Pink


Thursday the 5th of May a very special new Anastasia variety will be introduced: Anastasia Star Pink. This disbudded chrysanthemum has light pink flowers with bright green tips on their petals; an exclusive flower with a unique colour combination and excellent vase...

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11-4-2011 | Keukenhof Awards 2011

Growers win awards during Keukenhof