New! Santini TURTLE, fresh green simplicity


Spring is just around the corner. And it will be a spring filled with colours. Bright colours as well as pastel colours. The new lime green santini TURTLE blends in so easily. This daisy santini has a unique and fresh appearance. Read more

Close-up Turtle.jpg

New! BABETTE, romance in the santini segment


With a wink to a romantic spring ahead of us, Deliflor introduces the lovely, peach coloured santini BABETTE. The beautiful soft salmon colour makes BABETTE a perfect addition to a romantic spring bouquet or a beautiful wedding Read more

_L2A5416 - Close-up Babette.jpg

Baykal now also available in cream: Baykal Lunar


Baykal, the santini with the filled flower is unique in this segment. This magnificent filler of every bouquet will from now on not only be available in fresh white but also in cream. This soft cream colour of BAYKAL LUNAR suits Read more

_L2A5442 - Bloemstuk Baykal Lunar.jpg

Delishow 2023: Hotel Delifornia


From 17-20 January the Delishow in Holland took place. This years' theme was Hotel Delifornia. The greenhouse in which the flower trial was blooming, was transformed into a warm and luxurious hotel, complete with a lounge, bar, Read more


9 September: Chrysanthemum Day

16-12-2021 | Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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19-7-2021 | Carbon Neutral certification

Carbon Neutral.jpg

Deliflor Latin America has been rewarded with the Carbon Neutral certification by Icontec.  Being "Carbon Neutral" means, that all the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the company, during the production process, are equivalent to zero, since action plans...

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19-7-2021 | Delishow Latin America is called Deliwood this year

Deliwood C.jpg

In week 35 (augustus 30- Septembr 3) Deliflor Latin America will show its newest varieties during the Flower Trial. This year the theme for this show is Deliwood. We are excited to welcome you at Deliflor Colombia.

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7-10-2019 | Proflora 2019


Iván Duque Márquez, the president of Colombia, opened the Proflora in Bogota. The Proflora is the main ornamental trade show in Colombia, and is held every other year - this is the show's tenth edition. Deliflor LatinAmerica was present at Proflora...

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30-9-2019 | Delishow 2019


Once again and as every year, in the last week of August we celebrate our Delishow. A commercial sample with more than 270 varieties of Chrysanthemums attended by more than 400 people from 10 countries.  

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18-12-2018 | Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

step into 2019.jpg

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

12-2-2018 | Astroid, new disbud with impact

_07A0248 - Bloemstuk 1a Astroid.jpg

A bright yellow ball that will cause immense impact! That’s the new disbudded chrysanthemum Astroid. Astroid has large flowers with lots of petals. Vase life is excellent as well as its transportation qualities. A cast-iron novelty that will be supplied from...

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18-1-2018 | Introducing Etrusko White

Etrusko White fb.jpg

Etrusko will get a new family member in the midst of week 3: Etrusko White. The extraordinary appearance of the variety Etrusko has not stayed unnoticed since it has been introduced. It is not surprising that this soft, cuddly flower with its frayed petals will also...

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8-1-2018 | Delifor Sponsors Design Workshop With IFDA


Members of IFDA (Independent Floral Designers Association) got the chance to experiment and play with Deliflor Chrysanten's new breeds of Spray, Disbudded and Santini chrysanthemums. They experienced the special characteristics of each different flower and got to mix...

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5-1-2018 | New members added to the Beekenkamp Group's executive board

Press photo new management (1).jpg

  The Beekenkamp Group, located in Maasdijk, will effect changes in the composition of its executive board on 1 January 2018. The executive board currently made up of An Beekenkamp and Peter Persoon will be joined by Marc Driessen and Peter Zaat.

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12-10-2017 | Successful Proflora’17 for Deliflor Latin America

team Deliflor.jpg

At the Proflora flower show, that took place in Bogota, Colombia from October 4-6, Deliflor Latin America was present with a beautiful stand. Many Deliflor varieties were on display and also participated in the Outstanding Varieties Competition. We are proud to have...

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22-12-2016 | Merry Christmas!

merry Christmas web.jpg

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We would like to thank you for the cooperation in 2016 and hope to continue this the coming year. We wish you all the best for 2017!

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9-5-2016 | Worldwide assortment during Delishow 2016


From Tuesday, 14 June through Friday, 17 June, Deliflor Chrysanten open its doors for Delishow 2016. Get acquainted with the very latest varieties and discover the most exotic experimental ones. You will encounter new products such as Baltazar, Rossano Charlotte and...

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29-3-2016 | Introducing Magnum

kaartje wijnkoeler-1.jpg

The word ‘magnum’ means ‘big’, and this is exactly why we called this disbudded chrysanthemum Magnum. Its flower is huge: to call Magnum a size XXL is no exaggeration! Not only does its flower get even bigger in the vase as the weeks go by, but...

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22-12-2015 | Merry Christmas!

Christmas web.jpg

Merry Christmas and a happy 2016!

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22-12-2014 | Merry Christmas and a beautiful 2015!

Merry Christmas 7.jpg


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30-9-2014 | Gagarin: strong and legendary!

Gagarin chrysanthemum.jpg

Yuri Gagarin: a hero of his time! After all, he became a legend as the first person to make a manned flight into outer space. And he earned worldwide fame as a Russian cosmonaut.

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22-9-2014 | Delishow Colombia 2014


At August 29th, our Delishow 2014 started. Usually it is just for one week, but this time it was a little longer, to give the opportunity to foreigners who visited the International Symposium of floriculture to see our trials.

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16-6-2014 | Many new varieties to see during Deliflor’s ‘World of flavours’


Yin Yang, Gagarin, Limoncello, Rocca Quick, PIP and Baltica Cream: these were just a few of the new varieties that attracted considerable attention during last week’s Delishow. From the 10th to the 13th of June, visitors from around the world had an opportunity...

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9-6-2014 | Yin Yang, the eye catcher of this summer

Yin Yang.jpg

Yin Yang is going to be the eye catcher of the santini assortment this summer and is available at the Dutch auctions from June 10th. This santini certainly stands out in the market because of its remarkable black heart combined with her white petals. Because of this...

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26-5-2014 | Gold presented in Naples for the billionth Anastasia


Last weekend, the buyers of the golden bunch of Anastasia received their gold. During an event attended by more than 50 other Italian florists, it was Gennaro Palumbo, representing a large import company, and another person representing the flower shop “Il...

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24-4-2014 | ‘World of Flowers’ during Deliflor flower trials

Delishow2014 Deliflor Chrysanten.jpg

The Deliflor Chrysanten greenhouse will again be full of bright cheerful colour during week 24. From Tuesday, 10 June through to Friday, 13 June, the trial greenhouse will be exhibiting a ‘World of Flowers’ during its Delishow of 2014. Deliflor’s...

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15-4-2014 | Pixel™ Perfect element in floral designs

Pixel Mix bloemstuk.jpg

New type of chrysanthemum introduced by Deliflor Chrysanten. Pixel™ enriches the flower industry. No larger than a penny and full-flowering with over 25 flowers per branch. This chrysanthemum is especially suitable in combination with other varieties of its kind.

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3-2-2014 | Anastasia campaign reaches its concluson

winnaar Anastasia goud.jpg

To celebrate the sale of the billionth Anastasia cutting, a special Anastasia promotional campaign was launched in June 2013 and slowly brought to a peak. Subsequent to publication of a website which gave everyone in the world the chance to upload a picture of...

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16-1-2014 | The 1,000,000,000th Anastasia at the auction

Goudenhoes 001kl.jpg

On January 17th, the billionth golden Anastasia will be delivered to a Dutch auction. This unique flower can be recognised by its special golden sleeve. If you are the purchasing agent, import company or florist who finds this Anastasia in its golden packaging, made...

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28-11-2013 | One billionth cutting of ‘gold’ Anastasia reaches the market


Very shortly, the billionth flower of chrysanthemum Anastasia will be harvested and sold to its end users. Since Anastasia was introduced in 2001, one billion cuttings of the white version of this disbudded chrysanthemum have been grown into flowers via the...

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14-10-2013 | Proflora 2013


Last week, from October 2nd to 4th, Deliflor participated in Proflora 2013 . This global floriculture event brought over 1,500 buyers from more than 45 countries

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4-7-2013 | Follow your Anastasia back to its roots

logo Miljardste Anastasia.jpg

Deliflor has launched a global campaign to promote Anastasia. The reason for this activity? The billionth cutting for the disbudded white Anastasia will be delivered this year. We plan to celebrate this landmark together with all parties in the supply chain who have...

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4-2-2013 | Sombrella wins 2013 FloraHolland Glazen Tulp award

Sombrella Glazen Tulp1.jpg

‘For the second year in succession, this prestigious award is won by a chrysanthemum’ For the second year in a row, a chrysanthemum from Deliflor Chrysanten has carried off the FloraHolland Glazen Tulp award. The extraordinary disbudded chrysanthemum...

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20-12-2012 | Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!


Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!

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13-12-2012 | Ranomi Kromowidjojo christens Chrysanthemum ‘Ranomi’ with Olympic water

Ranomi en Laurens dopen de Ranomi chrysant.jpg

On Wednesday, 12 December, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, winner of two Olympic gold medals in London, visited the nursery of chrysanthemum grower Laurens van der Lans in ’s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands. She had come here to christen the chrysanthemum named for her:...

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30-10-2012 | Official opening test facility in Japan


Deliflor had its own test facility built at its Japan branch. On the 12 of October 2012, the new premises were officially opened by Peter Persoon, Managing Director of Deliflor, together with Kazunori Kikuchi, Manager of Deliflor Japan. Various business relationships...

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21-6-2012 | More foreign visitors at Delishow


  From the 12th until the 16th of June, Deliflor Chrysanten presented many novelties and internationally successful cut chrysanthemums during its Delishow, an event that takes place at the same time as the annual FlowerTrials®.   The flower trial...

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24-1-2012 | Anastasia Star Pink wins prestigious Glass Tulip 2012

Close-up Anastasia Star Pink2.jpg

On 19 January, Deliflor Chrysanten’s innovative disbudded chrysanthemum Anastasia Star Pink won the Glass Tulip 2012. During a festive evening in Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk (Netherlands), Kwekerij Arcadia was presented with the award. The expert panel of...

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5-5-2011 | Deliflor customers awarded during SAF competition


During the SAF´s Outstanding Varieties Competition, celebrated last September in Orlando, FL, amongst 238 cut flower and plant entries, three of our customers were awarded with two of our varieties and their outstanding characteristics. The first one was Liberty...

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5-5-2011 | New: orange spray chrysanthemum Sonero


The new cushion type chrysanthemum Sonero is now available for growing and trade. Sonero has a bright bronze colour which is perfect for the fall season. It's a very uniform variety with many flowers on a stem which creates weighty bunches. The vase life is...

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5-5-2011 | Flower trials: discover your future varieties


Deliflor invites you to visit the Delishow flower trials in The Netherlands in week 24, an opportunity to get acquainted with Deliflor's potential chrysanthemum introductions, and perhaps your own future varieties! The trials comprise over 150 different varieties of...

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5-5-2011 | Floral inspiration - by Deliflor


Deliflor released a new brochure full of floral art. You can download the PDF here:Brochure Be inspired by Deliflor 2011 In this brochure, you will find examples of inspiring bouquets and arrangements using Deliflor chrysanthemums that were introduced to the Dutch...