Ranomi Kromowidjojo christens Chrysanthemum ‘Ranomi’ with Olympic water

On Wednesday, 12 December, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, winner of two Olympic gold medals in London, visited the nursery of chrysanthemum grower Laurens van der Lans in ’s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands. She had come here to christen the chrysanthemum named for her: Chrysanthemum ‘Ranomi’. Deliflor Chrysanten and VannoVa spared neither pains nor expense in organising the christening ceremony. They even had a swimming pool containing water from the Olympic swimming pool in London driven into the venue so that Ranomi could officially christen her own chrysanthemum with ‘Olympic water’ – in expectation that Chrysanthemum ‘Ranomi’ will also break records. The whole event took place under the watchful eyes of members of the press and guests from the chrysanthemum sector.

During an interview with Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Laurens van der Lans, presenter Rob Veenman provided some interesting similarities between the achievements of this Olympian gold medal swimmer and the managing of a prominent company specialising in chrysanthemums. The conclusion was that growing chrysanthemums is also a top sport. As an enduring memento of the chrysanthemum named for her, Ranomi Kromowidjojo was presented with a necklace made especially for her and featuring her flower. She was honoured to receive this piece of jewellery.

The splendid golden-yellow spray chrysanthemum named for Ranomi was bred and introduced to the market this year by Deliflor Chrysanten. Laurens van der Lans, one of the five chrysanthemum growers united in VannoVa, a growers’ collective, is a grower and ‘founder’ of the Chrysanthemum ‘Ranomi’. This cultivar is being marketed primarily in Russia since its good characteristics, including keeping quality, long vase life and transportability, make it particularly suitable for this market.