Deliflor inspires many nationalities at the IPM in Essen

During the IPM in Essen (Germany), Deliflor presented its range as available at the Dutch flower auctions and this caused many surprised reactions. Florists frequently asked questions like: ‘Oh, are these really only chrysanthemums?’and ‘Are these dyed or is this the natural colour?’ Of course, we only presented natural chrysanthemums at the IPM and the florists were certainly inspired if nothing else by the wonderful chrysanthemums and arrangements we showed at our stand.

Our beautiful chrysanthemum wall informed the public about our current assortment and the floral arrangements were frequently photographed. Visitors considered the chrysanthemum wall a splendid way of presenting the entire range in a clear and attractive way. There was also extra attention for Deliflor novelties. Baltica Pink, Barca, Delianne Dark Green, Galactica Sunny, Moretti, Rhythm, Sheik and Sombrella all excelled in cheerful mono arrangements.
Florists were amazed to see how colourful and multifaceted Deliflor varieties are. They also wondered why these varieties are not available from all wholesalers. This proved to be a problem in several countries as not just German florists but also Dutch, Belgian, French, British and Polish florists commented on this. Apart from Western European visitors, the fair was also visited by florists from other parts of the world, such as America, Australia, Asia, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe.

The international public especially appreciated the following varieties: Anastasia Star Pink, Baltica Lime, Rhythm, Sheik, Sombrella, VIP, Zembla Brasil and Zembla Lime.