Sombrella wins FloraHolland Glazen Tulp award 2013

‘For the second year in succession, this prestigious award is won by a chrysanthemum’

For the second year in a row, a chrysanthemum from Deliflor Chrysanten has carried off the FloraHolland Glazen Tulp award. The extraordinary disbudded chrysanthemum Sombrella, grown by Arcadia Chrysanten from De Lier, was judged to be this year’s best market introduction in the Cut Flowers category. Arcadia Chrysanten collected the award on Thursday 31 January during an awards ceremony held at Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk. Arcadia and Deliflor have therefore retained the title of winner of the Glazen Tulp, which they also carried off last year with Anastasia Star Pink.

The Glazen Tulp is an award that is presented annually by FloraHolland to a successful market introduction. Deliflor Chrysanten introduces around fifteen new chrysanthemum varieties via FloraHolland every year. Each variety is marketed in a specific way, accompanied by the necessary support. Deliflor Chrysanten sells almost 600 million chrysanthemum cuttings a year in the Netherlands, and 60 different Deliflor varieties are marketed via FloraHolland every day.

Sombrella stands out on account of its unique shape, which can be compared to that of an open parasol. Sombrella also catches the eye with its superb colour and striking centre. The centre of this disbudded chrysanthemum appears to be covered in moss, giving it a hip, organic look. Florists are crazy about it! Its appearance is unique within the disbudded chrysanthemum range, and it was this that helped Sombrella to win the 2013 FloraHolland Glazen Tulp, according to the jury’s report.

Before a product reaches the final, it is nominated by a panel of auction workers and leading florists and exporters. This expert jury assessed all nominated products on aspects such as commercial attractiveness and post harvest quality, but also logistical efficiency and risk of damage during loading.
This was followed in December by a brief round of presentations to a jury of prominent Dutch figures, consisting of TV presenter Rob Verlinden, Jorna Spapens (a stylist from the TV programme Tuinruimers) and Rudi and Pascal from 2Dezign. This jury assessed the products from a commercial perspective. In the end, the chrysanthemum Sombrella emerged as the winner.

The fact that a chrysanthemum has now landed this prestigious award for the second year in a row shows that the chrysanthemum, with its variety of forms and colours plus excellent qualities in terms of post harvest quality, vase life and transportability, is a highly rated flower with a wide range of potential applications. Deliflor Chrysanten and Arcadia are exceptionally proud to have won this prestigious award.

Floral designer Ruud Hazelaar shows the endless possibilities with Sombrella in the film below.