Follow your Anastasia back to its roots

Deliflor has launched a global campaign to promote Anastasia. The reason for this activity? The billionth cutting for the disbudded white Anastasia will be delivered this year. We plan to celebrate this landmark together with all parties in the supply chain who have contributed to the success of this chrysanthemum that is traded and appreciated all over the world. As part of the campaign, we developed five beautiful posters that show Anastasia at internationally famous locations.

To highlight the global popularity of Anastasia even more, a special website has been developed: At this site, you can see the journey that Anastasia makes through the supply chain. Everyone who comes into contact with Anastasia throughout the supply chain can enter his/her details along with a photo of Anastasia and will thus get a marker on the world map. Even more important, however, is that this makes the participant eligible to win a wonderful trip to the roots of the Anastasia cultivar! Until the end of December 2013, we can follow Anastasia throughout the world, and everyone can put a marker on the world map. The winner of the wonderful, all-in trip will be announced in January 2014. If you would like to be eligible to win this fantastic prize, check in at and ‘Follow your Anastasia back to its roots!’