Anastasia campaign reaches its concluson

To celebrate the sale of the billionth Anastasia cutting, a special Anastasia promotional campaign was launched in June 2013 and slowly brought to a peak. Subsequent to publication of a website which gave everyone in the world the chance to upload a picture of Anastasia and become eligible to win a trip to Anastasia’s roots, a series of 8 videoclips was posted weekly beginning in November. This meant that the growth of the actual billionth Anastasia could be followed live. On Friday, 17 January, the day had come: the billionth Anastasia would actually roll past the auction clock. But who would find it in their particular batch of flowers?

The person who found the billionth Anastasia in its special promotional packaging was quick to report his find after the auction. The lucky discoverer turned out to be Jan van der Mey of G. de Koning (Holland) . By finding the golden Anastasia, he assured himself of a genuine gold bar that he took immediate possession of that evening during the Deliflor flower trials in the Netherlands. Jan van der Mey indicated that the golden cutting would find its way to Italy from there on. By that time, the billionth Anastasia had been traced by Gennaro Palumbo who works at a wholesaler in Naples. Later still, the billionth Anastasia in its golden promotional packaging reached its final link in the supply chain when it arrived at Il Massimo dei fiori, a florist shop also located in Naples. Deliflor representatives will be travelling to Naples to present these winners their very own gold bar.


Winner of the photo contest announced
More than 200 photos of Anastasia were uploaded from all parts of the world to the special promotional campaign website at Many of these were exceptional. From all of the photos submitted, a winner was determined during the flower trials in the Netherlands. As the submitted photos were passed around, Peter Persoon, Managing Director played a leading role in picking the winner by pressing a red button that randomly selected the winner. Khanalieva Venera who works at a wholesale company in Shymkent, Kazakhstan was the lucky one. She will be offered a trip to Anastasia’s roots in the Netherlands.

And thus the Anastasia campaign has come to a close. This doesn’t mean, however, that Anastasia will stop captivating people all over the world. You haven’t seen the last of this beautiful flower!


Complete film online
The golden Anastasia’s growth process from beginning to end can now also be viewed in the form of a complete film. Click here to watch this film.