Gold presented in Naples for the billionth Anastasia

Last weekend, the buyers of the golden bunch of Anastasia received their gold. During an event attended by more than 50 other Italian florists, it was Gennaro Palumbo, representing a large import company, and another person representing the flower shop “Il Massimo dei Fiori”, who received their gold from Stefan de Hoog, Product Manager at Deliflor Chrysanten.

The gold they received was part of the golden promotional campaign marking the billionth Anastasia produced and sold last January. The billionth Anastasia was sold at auction and then turned up in Naples where both winners notified Deliflor.
Adding extra sparkle to the presentation of the gold was a flower arranging demonstration given for the Italian florists who purchase their flowers from this affiliate. The florists were provided with a wonderful demonstration of how chrysanthemums could be used in bridal floristry and trendy designs. This was demonstrated by Riccardo Dressadore, a florist held in high esteem in Italy who has provided celebrities such as Roman Abramovich, Wesley Sneijder (wedding in Tuscany) and Clarence Seedorf with floral work for their events in Italy.

It was quite evident to everyone present that chrysanthemums, too, are perfect for use in these applications - as demonstrated by the arrangements made here.
People were especially impressed with Vivo and Peroni, the new santini varieties. They also noticed that the flower size and sturdiness of Baltica make it an excellent choice for arrangements involving the insertion of short stems into floral foam: this method was then applied to produce a beautiful bride’s cake entirely made from flowers.
Varieties such as Barca, Limoncello, Zembla Lime and VIP were used to create trendy arrangements. By the end of the show, the florists said that they were pleasantly surprised by so much variation from chrysanthemums. This opinion was confirmed by the sale of chrysanthemums at the end of the day. Extra supplies of all the chrysanthemums used in the show had been put in stock, and almost all of them were sold by the end of the day.

Goud overhandigd in Italië

prijswinnaars goud Italie.JPG