Many new varieties to see during Deliflor’s ‘World of flavours’

Yin Yang, Gagarin, Limoncello, Rocca Quick, PIP and Baltica Cream: these were just a few of the new varieties that attracted considerable attention during last week’s Delishow. From the 10th to the 13th of June, visitors from around the world had an opportunity to admire the high-potential newcomers as well as the international product range ‘in person’.
And with around 300 varieties - about 40 of which were new - there was a lot to see. ‘Customers from far and wide saw Yin Yang’s black centre and pure white ray flowers as something truly new, fresh and original,’ said Deliflor’s account managers. ‘Visitors were also very much impressed by Gagarin, a new disbudded variety with huge white flowers.’ A further two newcomers, Belicia and Chelo, were on display, and others received praise as well.
The line of products being exhibited was not the only thing that made this show international. The visitors also came from everywhere on the planet, from Europe to Asia and from Colombia to Russia. Our customers from Asia were particularly impressed by: Goethe, Silvia, Fragonard, Barca, Barca Red and Lenoir. And visitors from the U.S. assessed Brahma and Suncica as having tremendous potential.
In addition to all the many flowering varieties on display, the show also featured the creative ways in which chrysanthemums can be used. What about arranging chrysanthemums in the form of a beautiful ice cream dessert or a bottle of Limoncello? Or to replicate a fashionable pair of sunglasses or jewellery? With chrysanthemums, anything is possible! Visitors were so excited about these splendid floral designs that they also took many pictures of them.
Deliflor can look back on a beautiful show that was very much enjoyed by its many visitors.

Delishow Juni 2014