Delishow Colombia 2014

At August 29th, our Delishow 2014 started. Usually it is just for one week, but this time it was a little longer, to give the opportunity to foreigners who visited the International Symposium of floriculture to see our trials.

The official beginning, with much fanfare, was on September 1st. Our partner/designer "Elisa Robledo" helped us decorating our greenhouse with a theme of "Old Antique Farm", which was shocking beautiful. All our guests were amazed with the decor.
Besides the total pool of flowers that were in bloom, we also showed the possibilities of creative decorative use of our chrysanthemums with 10 stations with different arrangements. Anything can be done with Chrysanthemums! The visitors reacted enthusiastically to these wonderful designs and therefore they were highly photographed.

Varieties such as Radiant, Olive, Chicle, Zarita Dark, Yin Yang, Baltica Cream, Tusker, Duval, Rocca Quick, as well as many experimental varieties were the most successful among others in this edition of our Delishow 2014.

From August 29 to September 5, visitors, from everywhere in the world, had the opportunity to see and evaluate one of the best and most complete shows of Chrysanthemums. 7 Beds, in which nearly 200 varieties of chrysanthemum, spray and disbudded, were placed, were the scene in which adults and children were marveled at the great assortment we showed.

"Yin Yang with his black heart and white petals like the snow has been considered, by customers around the world, as truly innovative". "The Balls" (Paladov, Paladov Sunny, Cronos, BonBon, and Aragon) continue their journey to become a very strong focal due to its differentiation by different shape and texture. We are very happy with all the reactions from everybody who attended the show and evaluate our varieties.

Deliflor takes a look back to a warm, welcoming show with many attendants.