Temporary suspension of Ying Yang supply

Santini Yin Yang has been a real hit since its launch at the auction. In just a short period of time, Yin Yang has proven itself a delightful appearance in the Santini assortment. Its white flowers and black centre make Yin Yang truly unique and distinctive.

Deliflor needs to generate more registered cultivation results for Yin Yang during the winter period. This is because the black colour of the centre of the flowers might decrease in intensity under the low light conditions typical of winter cultivation. For this reason we consulted with Lewis Flowers and have decided not to market any Santini Yin Yang during December, January and February of this coming winter.

We will be using these months to run tests aimed at devising a suitable cultivation method, in order to enable a supply of Yin Yang next winter.

For now, we expect to start supplying Yin Yang again to FloraHolland through Lewis Flowers by late February / early March. These quantities will number up to around 50,000 stems per week.