New green Santini: Celtic

On Friday, 20 February, Lewis Flowers will be introducing Deliflor’s new green Santini: Celtic! This newcomer has everything it takes to become an international best seller. It has an intensely, bright green colour which is permanent. Celtic’s other commercial characteristics, which include stem weight, shelf life and number of flowers per stem also fulfil the criteria for a world-class variety. Celtic is perfect for many applications, ranging from floral foam arrangements to bouquets.

These unique qualities, as well as its name, ensure Celtic is easily associated with Scotland’s successful Celtic Football Club: a club with a rich history and many prestigious awards to its name. Now, you can become eligible to win a fantastic Celtic football shirt!

How to enter?
Take a picture of the Celtic Santini with its special Celtic sleeve and post it on the timeline on Deliflor’s Facebook page, marking it with #santiniceltic
Four weeks after the introduction of Celtic, we will draw a winner from among all the entries. This winner will be announced on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so that we can contact you easily.