Introduction Anastasia Star Pink

Thursday the 5th of May a very special new Anastasia variety will be introduced: Anastasia Star Pink. This disbudded chrysanthemum has light pink flowers with bright green tips on their petals; an exclusive flower with a unique colour combination and excellent vase life.

Anastasia Star Pink will be supplied in water buckets. During the first 20 weeks, these buckets will have a specially developed full colour packaging. In three easy steps, this packaging can be transformed into a pretty shop display. The packaging is free and can only be used once.

  • Supplier: Arcadia Chrysanten
  • Supply: 8.000 stems / week
  • Auction: FloraHolland Naaldwijk
  • VBN-code: 109671


With Anastasia Star Pink you can also save for Deliflorins. Deliflorins is a saving program that gives you chances to save and win beautiful prizes.