Colourful Deliflor stand at Flowers Expo Moscow brings joy

Deliflor @Flowers Expo Moscow 2015

After three busy and successful days, the Flowers Expo in Moscow closed its doors on Thursday, 10 September. Our stand received many business associates from the floriculture sector who had come to discuss the latest developments and admire our novelties for 2015.

The varieties introduced last spring have already created a positive brand awareness among the various florists and import companies. Our unique Barca Splendid, for example, is well known for its bright colour, Mango is regarded as a good strong spray chrysanthemum, and Belicia and Lesia are praised for their colourfastness. Our spray chrysanthemum, Stresa, walked off with the novelty award. Similarly, the Flowers Expo was a good opportunity for visitors to become acquainted with our previous introductions such as Delacroix, Lorain, Dudoc and Elstar.

Despite all the current problems, including the depreciation of the ruble and the disappointing growth figures for the Russian economy, there is still more than enough demand for flowers in this country.
Orders may involve greater price awareness, but the Russians are still convinced that flowers – and preferably chrysanthemums – need to keep coming into the country. However, the situation changes from day to day and the current uncertainties make it impossible as yet to plan very far ahead. Fortunately, it’s still a fact that our flowers please the Russian consumers.

That wonderful feeling that flowers give was quite apparent among visitors to our stand. Our impressive hat, decorated with Deliflor chrysanthemums, was met by many a broad smile. This imposing hat, designed in the same colour scheme as the panel behind it, was a perfect match for our new corporate identity and provided an attractive background for taking pictures. (All the pictures we took can be seen on our Facebook page:

‘Happy faces and colorful’ was the theme of the two presentations that Deliflor and 2Dezign had organised together for this trade show. Arrangers Ruud Hazelaar and Pascal Koeleman did a great job at featuring our Deliflor varieties. During a joint product demonstration, these leading arrangers used gerbera, lily and lisianthus to assemble colourful, inspiring creations to the delight of the florists looking on. In a full arena, our presentations once again proved informative and useful for Russian florists. Afterwards at our stand, there was much demand for and interest in the varieties used in our presentation. The impact made by organising presentations at these kinds of trade shows was quite evident. After three days at the trade show, we were able to conclude that flowers bring joy and colour into the lives of Russian consumers during these gloomy and difficult times.