New disbudded chrysanthemum ‘Rossano Charlotte’ supports royal charity

‘Rossano Charlotte’, Deliflor’s new disbudded chrysanthemum, was named after Charlotte, the baby girl born to Prince William and his wife Catherine, on 2 May 2015. This new chrysanthemum will make a meaningful contribution to the East Anglia's Children’s Hospices, a very worthwhile charity for which Kate serves as royal patron. This organisation, which cares for children with life-threatening conditions and assists their families, will be financially supported by royalties generated by ‘Rossano Charlotte’. Deliflor representatives travelled to England to make a personal presentation of this donation in the form of a splendid canvas showing the ‘Rossano Charlotte’, a disbudded chrysanthemum that will see its official launch in January 2016.

Earlier this year, Deliflor Chrysanten had enlisted the help of its social media network to devise an appropriate name for its newest Rossano series variety. The winning suggestion to name this baby-pink chrysanthemum after Princess Charlotte came from Johan Heemskerk, Beekenkamp’s UK sales representative. ‘Rossano Charlotte’ thus became the name for this new pink disbudded chrysanthemum featuring ray petals uniquely tipped in green.

Deliflor wanted very much to delight the royal couple with a beautiful bouquet of these flowers named after their daughter and, as an exception to the rule, Deliflor were given permission to deliver a bouquet. Abridge Florist created a stunning royal arrangement made with ‘Rossano Charlotte’. To provide a more lasting character to the name-giving, it was decided to donate part of the royalties generated by ‘Rossano Charlotte’ to help fund the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices ( - an organisation that cares for children with life-threatening conditions and assists their families - a charity very close to the heart of the royal couple. Kate expressed her gratitude for the donation to this worthwhile charity in a personal message.

EACH has drawn attention to this special name-giving on its website.