Disbud CUSCINO, special chrysanthemum in a unique colour

_L2A9722 - Bloemstuk Sfeer Cuscino.jpg

Looking for a chrysanthemum in a colour trend? Then the salmon chrysanthemum Cuscino is an excellent choice. This Deliflor novelty will be introduced to the market by Zentoo as of 19 October in exclusive amounts. Cuscino almost looks like a Dahlia and the large flower will be an eye catcher in each modern floral design. Add to this the excellent vase life and strong branches and understand why Cuscino is a pearl to work with for florists.   Grower: Zentoo Amounts: 8.000 stems a week VBN-code: 125207   Check out this novelty in 3D! Pictures of this novelty can be downloaded from the Image bank Read more