Deliflor celebrates Chrysanthemum Day 2022 with an online demo by flower arranger Stefan van Berlo

Stefan van Berlo1.jpg

9 September is thé day of the Chrysanthemum. Deliflor, market leader in breeding and propagating chrysanthemums has chosen this day to show the endless possibilities of chrysanthemums, just as they did the past few years. Stefan van Berlo, Belgium top arranger and nr. 5 of the Europacup that took place in Poland last August, has created marvelous arrangements in the online show. De show was hosted by Flower Circus in its own unique way. Viewers were informed on the process of breeding by a short tour through the Deliflor breeding facilities.   Stefan van Berlo already achieved the title of Belgium champion 2010 and 2020 and has confirmed his talent by a beautiful 5th place at the Europacup in Katowice, Poland at the end of August 2022. He has surely showed his unique talent during the chrysanthemum show of last Friday. With extraordinary constructions and beautiful colour combinations of Deliflor chrysanthemums he inspired the florists and other viewers of the show. Might you have missed the show, you can watch it at the Facebook pages of both Deliflor and Flowercircus or via Youtube.   Pictures of all arrangements will be placed on the socials of Deliflor so be sure to follow us!   Chrysanthemum Day, also known as ‘Kiku no Sekku’ is one of the 5 sacred festivals in Japan. It is celebrated at the 9th day of the 9th month and was organized for the first time in 910 by the Emperor of Japan. The chrysanthemum has always been the symbol of the Emperor of Japan and the imperial family. Read more