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NEW! Santini Maradona

Funny Santini will introduce a remarkable new santini on Wednesday April 28: Maradona. A name that needs no explanation. The little man with the iconic stardom, who unfortunately passed away last year. An honourable name for this new white santini by Deliflor. Maradona is a spider santini that makes it look like a true star. A distinctive variety in the assortment of santinis on the market. Funny Santini starts the supply of Maradona with 9 000 stems a week, but supply will increase to 36 000 stems per week!


  • Grower: Funny Santini
  • Amounts: 15 000 stems per week
  • VBN-code: 125795

Check out this novelty in 3D!

Pictures of this novelty can be downloaded from the Image bank

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